Tuesday, March 13, 2018

we went to california! day 2

The second day of our trip we spent the morning visiting with and saying goodbye to our friends, and we drove up to Newport Beach where we were staying the rest of the week and met up with my parents.  We visited with them, rested, walked along the beach, looked for sea shells, watched some of the superbowl, and played games.  

The house we stayed at for the week was one block from the beach in Newport Beach.  It had this fun balcony with an amazing view.  We took advantage of being so close the the beach by walking along it often, some of us every day while we were there.

It was beautiful weather and another perfect day!

we went to california! day 1

For Christmas, we gave the kids this countdown.  Ky and Kade knew immediately that it meant a trip to a Disney park and were ecstatic.  Everly had no idea what it meant.  And Krew caught on pretty quick, but wasn't super thrilled.  He spent most of our last Disney vacation scared of pretty much everything.  But when we told him that grandma and grandpa were going to meet us there, and that we were going to stay right by the beach, he and Everly got excited too.
We had fun counting down with the chart every night and watching as it got shorter and shorter. Then, the beginning of February, we got on a plane and headed to San Diego!

 We got into San Diego super late, but the next morning we started our trip with hotel breakfast al fresco by the palm trees, which was the perfect way to start our trip.

 Actually the perfect way to start our trip was immediately after our breakfast al fresco, we headed to the San Diego temple so that Ky and Kade could go inside for the first time!  It was an amazing, spiritual experience, and one that I'm sure we will all remember for a very long time.  The temple is beautiful inside and out!

 Don't they look so grown up and so handsome?

 When we were done at the temple, we met up with some of our favorite friends who used to live by us, and now live in southern California.  They showed us around San Diego a bit, we got some delicious tacos (that came with a side of political and racial drama outside in the street--think dozens of police cars.  Yikes!), La Jolla cove and exploring some tide pools.

We ended the day at their house, talking and laughing and eating more yummy food.  It was the absolute perfect day!

Friday, February 23, 2018

ky and kade turn 12!

On December 29th, my favorite twinners turned 12!  Their special day included the (now) annual trip to the movie theater to see the new Star Wars movie--this is the 3rd year in a row that they have done this on their birthday!

 They got to choose a restaurant for dinner, so we all enjoyed some delicious sandwiches from Potbelly!
 They decorated their own birthday cake which was delicious! Between seeing the new Star Wars movie and playing the new Star Wars video game all day, it was no surprise that their cake was on theme.

 A few days later, on New Year's Eve, they were ordained as Deacons in the Aaronic priesthood.  It was such a special day and I am so proud of the amazing young men that they are growing up to become.
 I seriously cannot believe it's been 12 years since they joined our family and made us parents, but I feel so blessed to have had them by my side for the past 12 years, to watch them grow, to make memories together, and to get to see the amazing people that they are!  I know that their future is bright and I'm excited for what this year holds for them.

Happy birthday Ky and Kade!

2017 christmas card

In case we missed sending you a Christmas card this year, here is a digital version!

2017 Highlights

~Hatching chicks from eggs. We loved watching our eggs wiggle, crack, hatch, and spending the next 3 weeks playing with our 6 chicks: Minnie, Tallulah, Curry, Garrett, Julie and Odell.
~In February, we spent a week in Florida with Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter, drank our weight in Butter Beer, visited our old apartments, enjoyed having Ashli’s parents vacationing with us, searched for (and found) alligators, and splashed in the ocean.
~This summer we explored cliffs in Door County and caves in Madison (both with Ashli’s mom), the big cities of Chicago and Milwaukee, and landscaped our yard.
Ky: (11) won yet another flag football championship, and played on another flag football team in the fall, started 6th grade where he and Kade are in separate classes for the first time, switched from the violin to the trumpet, continues to love drawing and is becoming quite good at it, is playing on a school basketball team, loved the following movies: Spider-Man Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Cars 3, Dead Men Tell No Tales, and Coco.
Kade: (11) also won another flag football championship, played on another team in the fall, is playing basketball, likes being in a different 6th grade class than Ky, switched from the cello to the clarinet (which he only played for 7 weeks before he was able to switch to the saxophone), likes to cheer for the Florida Gators, Carolina Panthers, New York Yankees, and the Golden State Warriors.
Krew: (6) also won a flag football championship, and played on another flag football team this fall (I sense a trend here), learned to read in about 2 days and is now reading really well, took his first swimming lessons where he went from being scared to put his face in the water, to fearlessly jumping off the side over and over in just a few days. He makes videos for his two YouTube channels where he teaches people interesting facts and how to draw, started Kindergarten, continues to be fascinated with birds, can tell you all about them, and loves the real ostrich egg he got for his birthday.
Everly: (3) Her favorite highlights of the year include meeting Anna, Elsa and Minnie Mouse, and the 3 glorious months of summer when Krew was home to play with her all day every day. She loves all things pink and purple, princesses, babies, puppies, any little girls she meets, and Krew. She is in a tap and ballet class where she beams the entire time, and dances nonstop at home. She’s super proud to show everyone she meets her “pizza feet” (1st position).
Bart: continues to enjoy working in family practice, and even had the opportunity to mentor a few students this year. He was recently put back into the bishopric at church and is still deciding how he feels about it :).He’s enjoyed taking pictures and videos with his new drone, and still enjoys learning to play his guitars whenever he has some free time.
Ashli: loved taking a trip with Bart to California in April, especially the morning she spent at Disneyland by herself, and that afternoon in the park just the two of them. After years of buying cleats, bats, and balls, buying ballet shoes and leotards for the first time was like a dream come true. Although she wishes she had time for other hobbies, she was busy facilitating everything mentioned above, and she knows that all too soon she’ll have too much time for hobbies, so she’s trying to enjoy living the dream right now!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

christmas 2017

 Christmas this year was so much fun!  The kids are all at such fun stages to really get into so many aspects of Christmas.  We loved the chance to be together, exchange gifts, laugh and make memories, and celebrate the birth of our Savior!

Christmas Eve present

New Christmas jammies and ready to see if Santa came Christmas morning

The "rainbow cat" was the only thing Everly asked Santa for this year

And Krew got the journal he asked Santa for

I think Kade liked his gift!

We were lucky to have aunt Sadie with us for a little while on Christmas morning

Krew playing one of the fun games we got for Christmas!