Tuesday, August 16, 2016

and just like that...

And just like that, Krew can ride a bike!  He has been riding his balance bike for the past year or so, and he loves it.  But of course, like so many things right now, he sees his brothers riding bikes with pedals, so he had to have a pedal bike as well.  I wasn't sure if all the hype over balance bikes was accurate.  I'd heard that if kids got good at riding them, that they could learn to ride a bike easily, without ever using training wheels.  So, that's what we tried. 

 And, it worked!  In just a few minutes of trying to ride his new bike, he was a pro!
 He spent the next several weeks wanting to do nothing but ride his new bike.  All.  Day.  Long!

Way to go, Krew!

aunt sadie comes home!

 At the beginning of June, Bart's sister Sadie returned from serving her mission in Long Beach California.  We were so excited to see her again, as you can tell by these pictures of the boys as they waited for her to get off the plane.

 It was beautiful to watch her be reunited with her parents, after not seeing them for 18 months.  It made me think about what it's going to be like when I watch my kids return from their missions.

Even though Everly was only a couple months old when Sadie left, these two became fast friends, even after that first night seeing her.  It's been fun to watch Everly's enthusiasm at the mention of Sadie's name, and we are sure going to miss her when she leaves in a few weeks to go back to college.  We are so proud of your hard work and service to the Lord, Sadie!  Thanks for being a good example to my children.

last day of school

I'm so hilarious!  Some of you are already posting pictures of your kids going back to school, and while my kids don't start for several more weeks, I'm just now getting around to posting their last day of school photos.  Hope it doesn't cause too much confusion.


Here they are on their first day of school.  It's amazing how much they grow and change in less than a year!

We have made it a tradition to go to Smart Cow for frozen yogurt on the last day of school.
Everly decided she likes this tradition.
Way to rock 4th grade, boys!  Can't wait to see all that's in store for you next year!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

my mini-me and me

I get all the feels when I look at this picture that Bart took of Everly and I on Memorial Day.  Let me try to put into words all the ways this picture makes my heart happy:

1) We are all dressed up in red, white, and blue watching a summertime parade.  I think this scenario might be what my dreams are made of.  We get to do it all over again in just over a week, and I cannot wait!

2) The simple fact that this is a picture of me and my daughter!  That's right, my daughter!

3) Her Minnie Mouse Tattoo

4) So many people tell me that she looks like me, and I sort of get it, but not really.  Until I look at this picture, and I can't help but agree.  I mean look!  We have the same chin, the dimples, the smile, our hair color looks about the same, our noses could be twins, and our eyes.  Twinsies, I tell you!

5)  This stage of life can be hard.  It's demanding.  It's often thankless.  I am constantly wondering if I'm doing it all wrong.  I find myself thinking about the days before we had any kids, or when we only had the twins.  Sometimes I look to the future and wonder what it will be like when I no longer have to multitask every.  single.  thing  I do.  But then I look at that smile on my face and I remember what a truly HAPPY time of life this really is.  There is just so much happiness.  And I'm happy that Bart captured it in this photo.

6) Also, the sunshine!

it's tulip time!

 At the beginning of May, we took a long weekend trip to Iowa to see some of Bart's relatives.  Our first stop was at his aunt and uncle's farmhouse.  That first morning was filled with:

 Playing on the tire swing,

 playing on the other swing, which by the way, Everly thought was the most fun thing ever!

 Seriously, pure joy right there!
Smooches from Grandpa,
Holding the tiny farm kittens,
playing on the tractor,
exploring the property,
 and holding two farm kittens at the same time!
 Our next stop was the Tulip Time Festival in Pella, Iowa, where Bart's grandparents live.
 While we waited for the parade to start, we took pictures, 

 visited with relatives,

 practiced some acrobatics,

and of course, ate some of the famous Dutch Letters!

 I had been having some serious back issues since the beginning of January.  Most of the time, it was so bad that I could hardly make it through a trip to the grocery store without being in horrible pain.  At the time of our trip, the pain was at its worst, and I couldn't walk more than 5-10 minutes without being in so much pain that I needed to sit or lie down.  So, I got to ride around town with Grandpa Bob on his motorized scooter.  I had to take a selfie to document the occasion.  (I'm happy to report that soon after we got back from this trip, a chiropractor was able to solve the problem, and I am pain free once again!)
 While we were in Pella, we went on a fun walk along the river.  (Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?)

 My boys are pretty good-looking too, right?

 The boys had a blast playing with their second cousins, running across this bridge, throwing rocks in the water, and looking for driftwood walking sticks.

The boys all got to dress up in authentic Dutch costumes and ride in the parade with their great-grandpa Bob.  
These kids are a full quarter Dutch, and look as cute as can be all dressed up!
 My little Dutch Princess!

 It was such a fun trip!  We enjoyed spending time with family, and making memories together.  Hopefully we can go again sometime!