Tuesday, January 15, 2019

first day of school 2018

 Krew's first day of 1st grade!

 Kade and Ky's first day of 7th grade, which was also the first day of middle school!

end of summer trip to the farm

At the end of summer, we spent the day visiting The Farm where we held goats, piglets, chicks, kittens and just had the best day ever!

mom and son dates 2018

Before the boys went back to school, we continued our annual tradition of summertime mom and son dates.  The boys each get to take me out, pick where we eat and one fun activity.
 I got to play tennis with Kade.  I think we ended up having more fun when we stopped playing real tennis and started making up our our challenges with the ball and racquets.
 We ate at Chefusion Lounge, and Kade hasn't stopped talking about it since. 
 Ky and I went to a gourmet burger place, where he ordered this huge burger and ate it all!
 We spent the rest of the evening wandering around Barnes and Noble, chatting, and having the best time!
 Krew's date with me included Firehouse subs,
 frozen yogurt, 
and of course a stop at the pet store to see the birds!
I always love when I get to take my boys to do fun stuff just the two of us.  I love what they say and how they act when they aren't fighting for my attention or just plain fighting with their siblings!

like a million reasons we loved our trip to utah in august

 We took a trip to Utah in August to visit with my family.  Here are some of the many, many reasons we loved our amazing trip:

 Playing at the park
Swimming in the neighbors' pool

 Playing with grandma's homemade puppets
Making snow cones with grandma

 Bart and Ashli's weekend getaway in the mountains
 These views!
 Lots of shaved ice!
 One last night at the racetrack before it closes forever :(

 Lots of birds at the Bean Museum

 The obligatory picture with Po while visiting grandpa's office
 Visiting BYU campus
 Taking pictures in front of the Y on the mountain so we can compare them to the pictures they'll take in the same spot when they someday go to BYU!

 Seeing our old BYU married student apartment moments before it was demolished!

 Hanging with Cosmo

Pink donuts and sprinkles
Visiting "our" temple

 Holding puppies!

 More puppies

 Relaxing with grandpa
 Canyon dinners with family

 Lagoon with grandma!

 Picnics in the canyon
 Holding cousins

 Walking in a waterfall

 Pickleball with friends


 A day at the lake with friends


 Pretending to be the queen while waiting for dinner

 Meeting this amazing bird!

And, believe it or not with all of these pictures, we had more fun than what is pictured here.  It was a great trip and though it kills me to have to live so far from my family, and friends, and so far from the mountains, it's nice to be able to have a great time when we get to visit.