Sunday, November 11, 2018

june fun!

Here are some highlights from June:
 Last day of school!  Last day of 6th grade for Kade and Ky

 Last day of Kindergarten for Krew

 We went to the wildlife sanctuary one day, and there was so much cotton fluff from the cottonwood trees, that it almost looked like it had snowed!

 We bought a season pass to the local pool, and made sure we went swimming a lot!

 We went to the park a lot, and even found some new playgrounds to play on.

 We shot some firearms just for the fun of it!

 We played with some friends' farm animals, just for the fun of it!

 The little kids and I went strawberry picking, and then promptly ate most of our harvest!
 We visited another farm where we fed the goats, held kittens, held baby chicks, watched chicks hatching, and held baby kittens some more.

 We went to a few festivals  where we got our faces painted, played games, and met ALL the princesses!

 We went to a baseball game, and it happened to be the same game that all the Star Wars characters attended as well.  Who knew that Darth Vader likes to watch baseball??

 June was super fun, and a great way to kick off the summer!

spring sports

Ky and Kade both decided to play sports that they hadn't played for several years this spring.  Also, the decided for the first time to play different sports, but at the same time.  Which made for a chaotic, crazy, fun spring!
 Ky played soccer, and although he hadn't played since he was 5, he played hard and had a good time.

 (Also, I need a different lens if I'm going to shoot sports photography--hint, hint ;) )

Kade decided to play baseball again this year, after two seasons off.  Watching him brought back tons of memories of all the games we watched when these two were younger and the years they played baseball.

 He spent a lot of time playing catcher, which he enjoyed.  It made my legs and back hurt just watching him.
It was definitely a character building year as both boys were on terrible teams that struggled the entire season.  Hopefully they still enjoyed themselves and learned from the experience.  It will be interesting to see if either of them decided to play soccer or baseball again in the future.

may highlights

Hurray for May!  Here are some funny things that happened in May:
 Crazy Hair Day!
 We took advantage of the downfall of Toys R Us, and their 70% clearance prices!
 We planted our first garden in the house (in planter boxes that Bart built!)
 Memorial Day fun!

 How does my 3 year old have this much hair??  
 And every time we are in Target, she has to style a new look for herself 
 We got to see Ky and Kade at school and see the posters they made about some of their favorite things