Monday, November 20, 2017

weekend in milwaukee

As a last hurrah before school started, we took a little road trip to Milwaukee.  Since we didn't go on a big summer vacation, it was so nice to be able to get away for a couple of days and see some new things and have fun together.  The first stop was the Milwaukee zoo.  We had actually been there one other time, but it was years ago, and it happened to be like 110 degrees that day, so we didn't stay very long that time.  This time it was awesome!
 Krew is still completely fascinated by birds, so that was his favorite part.  We were super bummed when the bird show that we had been waiting all day for was canceled last minute because one of the birds flew away!  Krew would have loved the show, but he was pretty happy to be able to see this talking parrot up close, as well as a beautiful bald eagle.

 Another highlight of the zoo was watching these cheetahs up close.  We happened to get there at feeding time, so we were able to watch them eat too.

 It seemed to take an exceptionally long time to get our dinner, so I taught the kids what my family used to do at restaurants as we waited for our food.  I'm glad I was able to teach them some proper restaurant manners!

While we were there, we played at Discovery World. There were so many hands-on science exhibits and we all had a blast.

Watching Krew in this VR exhibit was hilarious.  I wish I could have seen what he was seeing, but I think maybe it was more entertaining for me not being able to tell what he was looking at or why he was reacting the way he was.

Everyone (except Everly) braved the bed of nails.

I love when we can get away as a family and see new places and make memories together.  It's one of my favorite parts of this stage of life!

first day of school 2017

 I can't believe I am posting about another 1st day of school.
Kade and Ky are in 6th grade this year.  It is the first year that they aren't in the same class.  I think it's been harder on me than it has been for them.  The best thing about them being in separate classes is that they aren't already sick of each other when they get home from school.  In fact, they are excited to tell each other about their days since they haven't seen much of each other all day.  

My three handsome sons.  Krew's first day of school was actually several days later, but I wanted to get a good picture of them all together.
This handsome Krew is in kindergarten this year!  Kindergarten is all day here (cue sad music), so we miss him a ton while he is gone all day.  Even though it's way too long for him, he seems to like it alright and he has cute stories to tell me every day when he gets home.

Okay, I know this is a picture of Krew's first day of kindergarten, but with her brother's backpack on, doesn't Everly look like she could be going off to school??!  Not yet, baby girl.  Not yet!

I had to hold back the tears as he walked into the building.  I really don't like how quickly my little ones are growing up!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

savoring the last drops of summertime!

By the time we get to the end of August every year, my mood changes every hour between these two extremes: 1-Oh no! Summer is almost over, we have so much we have to do before school starts.  I never want summer to end!  I'm going to miss you kids all so much when you go back to school, and 2-That's it!  I can't take another minute!  Can school please start right NOW!  I need some peace and quiet, I need my house to stay clean for more than 30 seconds, and I'm tired of doing fun things.  This August was no exception.  Multiple times a day I switched from one extreme mood to the other.  Luckily, (or unluckily) I have little to no say when summer ends and school starts, so we just try to make the most of each day (or not!)
 The end of August we were excited to experience the solar eclipse.  I  so wish we would have lived closer to an area that got to experience totality, but seeing a little bit of the eclipse was still pretty cool!
 I'm still not sure I understand how the eclipse changed the shape of the holes in the shadow of my colander, but it was fun to keep looking at it and watching how it changed.

 We made our annual trip to the botanical gardens to try to explore and get some cute pictures of the kids.  They weren't excited about all the pictures I was trying to take of them, but they had fun running around.

This is a throwback to last August at the same botanical garden.  It is possibly my favorite picture of these two together, and I couldn't help but thinking of it while I was looking at the pictures from this year, so I decided to include it for fun.

 There has been lots of bike riding this summer, and recently Krew and Everly discovered a great new way to ride the tricycle.  It's perfect because Everly can't reach the pedals, so this way she can go pretty fast, and Krew gets to ride too.  I can't tell you how many times they rode around like this!

 We like to go watch the Packers practice in the summer, and this year we were excited to go cheer on some BYU Cougars that were at training camp.
 The boys wore their BYU shirts and made signs and everything!  They were pretty excited when the players saw their signs and said hi!  Sadly, a couple of those players were not kept on the team, but it was fun cheering for them while it lasted!

 We tried foot golf (also known as soccer golf) for the first time this summer too.  It was way harder than I thought it would be, but we all had a good time.  Maybe not a good idea to take a 2 year old though, just saying!