Thursday, September 7, 2017

i am speed!

In June, the kids participated in a fun race sponsored by our church.  Krew and Everly were in the 1/2 mile kids race and Ky and Kade ran the 5K.

Warming up!

Everly wasn't actually registered to race until 10 minutes before the race started because she insisted on running.  Not wanting to crush her willingness to try something new, we signed her up.

Krew was so fast!!!  I had no idea how fast he was.  I was just hoping that he would run the whole time and not give up.  Not only did he run the whole time, but he ran his hardest the entire 1/2 mile. 

Out of about 30 kids, ages 2-10, Krew finished in 3rd place!  And look above, he was way ahead of the 4th place runner!  I was shocked!  I could not believe that he beat all but 2 boys, even the kids that are older.  

Way to go Krew!!
My goal for Everly was to not fall down, or cry.  I thought it would be awesome if she would run half way without asking to be done.  She surprised me too, by running the whole way.  Not that she was super fast, but she didn't even stop to walk once.  She was super proud of herself for finishing.  Way to go Everly!

I believe this is the 3rd year the twins have run this 5K.  They didn't train at all, which makes me jealous because when I run a 5K, I have to do some serious training to be able to run it at all.

They took off super fast, and I was worried that they would be tired before they rounded the first corner, but as far as I could see them, they were still bookin' it!
I was (again) surprised when I saw Kade coming down the final stretch, not that far behind the serious runners.  With a time of 23:13, he finished in first place in his age group.  Imagine how fast he could have been if he had trained!

Ky was only about a minute behind Kade, and still way ahead of most of the pack.  I guess I should stop being surprised by my kids and just accept the fact that they inherited some super fast running genes from someone other than myself!

You can see how red the boys' faces are in these pictures.  I love that they pushed themselves harder even when it got hard.

Now we'll have to see if we can convince these speedy boys to run track at school!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

summertime fun

 Summertime is for hiking, 

 dipping your toes in the water,
 throwing rocks in the water,
 and more hiking.
 Trips to the zoo to see an emu (Krew's current favorite animal),
 park days, 
 more hiking and funny poses,
 sad faces when mommy tells you to stop doing weird poses,
 running with best friends,

again with the weird poses!
Finding your name on your drink, 


 Fireworks with family,
 patriotic dresses,
and 4th of July parties!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

everly and avonlea

Everly and Avonlea are two of the cutest little friends you will ever meet.  Born about 6 weeks apart, they have been fast friends since they were tiny.
I mean, seriously, look how cute they were!  I was so excited when Avonlea's mom and I were both expecting baby girls at the same time, because I've never had a close friend pregnant with the same gender baby as me at the same time, and it was super exciting.  I knew these two little ones were destined to be friends.  
At church on week when they were little.  They spent a fair amount of time together in the church halls, or in the mother's lounge because 3 hours of church is just too long for these tiny ones.

Everly even crashed Avonlea's photoshoot that her mom asked me to do for her.  That's okay because we got these super cute shots of the two of them together!

They saw each other at playgroup a lot.  Avonlea was always Everly's favorite little person to play with, and apparently she loved hugging her as well!

A few months ago, Avonlea got to spend a couple of days with us, and as part of their first slumber party, Bart also took them to this fun daddy daughter dance at church.  They danced together the whole time and loved being dressed up so fancy.

They had the most fabulous tea party that day too.  They get along so well and it's adorable to watch them play together.

However, a few months ago, Avonlea and her family moved to Utah, and Everly and I are crushed.  (Of course we are super excited for them and all the new adventures they will have out there, but we already miss them terribly!)

These two are something special and I'm positive that whenever they finally see each other again, they are going to remember each other and pick up right where they left off!  Until then, we'll just have to look at all these adorable pictures of these two sweet friends.