Friday, May 29, 2020

2019 was a great year!

We had a wonderful 2019! Some of our favorite moments include:

--This summer Bart, Ashli, Ky and Kade saw Paul McCartney perform live at Lambeau. It was an incredible concert! 

--In June, Ashli’s parents came for a visit. We rode bikes, hiked, saw trains and airplanes, and enjoyed all their attention.

--We expanded our back patio and the rest of the summer we enjoyed dining al fresco, making s’mores, watching movies and football games outside, and relaxing.

Kade (13): played baseball this spring and loved it, especially playing catcher. He was the King of the Flying Monkeys in the middle school Wizard of Oz production. He played on the 8th grade soccer team, and is currently playing on the 8th grade basketball team. He gets up early every Tuesday and Thursday to participate in his school jazz band where he plays the baritone saxophone. His favorite part of 2019 was when he and Ky flew to Utah alone to stay with grandpa and grandma for 9 days.

Ky (13): took a golf camp this summer and wished that it would have been much longer. He was a munchkin and a flying monkey in the Wizard of Oz at school. He also played on the 8th grade soccer team, and is on the 8th grade basketball team. He has been teaching himself how to play the guitar, and still loves to draw and create things in Photoshop. Ky also said his favorite part of the year was his trip with Kade to Utah.

Krew (8): This spring, he played baseball for the first time and loved everything about it. He is super proud of the unassisted double play he made at the end of the season. He learned to jump off the high dive at the pool this summer, and played flag-football this fall. He attended a week-long day camp all about birds this summer and loved it, although he already knew most of what was taught. He really enjoyed skiing all last winter and became completely fearless on the slopes. He was baptized this November. His favorite part of 2019 was getting a second parakeet that he named Disco.

Everly (5): Her favorite things to do still include dance class, and playing outside with her friends, which she did pretty much nonstop this summer. She had her first haircut ever shortly after she turned 5 (we cut 4 inches off and it still goes down to her waist). Her favorite thing about this year was starting school! She goes for a few hours a day, four days a week and absolutely loves it! She even loves riding the bus home.

Bart: was recently elected by his peers to the Primary Care Executive Committee at work. In April, he attended a conference in Idaho at a ski resort, and is trying to figure out how he can go back every winter. He coached Krew’s flag football team this fall and their team ended the season in 1st place. Bart’s favorite part of 2019 was this October when he and Ashli went to Panama, 18 years after he lived there as a missionary. He grinned from ear to ear the entire trip.

Ashli: took a trip to Florida in March with some friends which helped her survive the rest of the winter. She enjoyed all the girls’ nights with Everly all winter while Bart took the boys skiing. She got to watch a lot of dance classes, baseball games, soccer games, flag football games, and basketball games as the kids keep growing and staying busy in so many activities. Her favorite part of the year was also the trip to Panama, especially the coconut ice cream and sitting on the beach on a quiet island soaking up the sun and the waves.

christmas 2019

We had our traditional Mexican food Christmas Eve dinner, this time with Bart's whole family at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  

Christmas Eve is simply magical every year.  After all the hustle and bustle of the season, slowing down and snuggling close to my children who are absolutely buzzing with excitement is perfect.  I think when my kids are all grown, I will be able to count their childhood in Christmas Eves. 

I never tire of trying to convince my kids that we aren't going to open a gift on Christmas Eve, only to fake caving in and allowing it.  Then, trying to convince them that it definitely won't be pajamas this year, when of course it is!
New jammies!

What did I say?  Pure magic!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

iowa family reunion

One weekend in December, we went to Iowa for a family reunion. It was all the family on Bart's mom's side.  Bart's grandma was nice enough to put it together and host everyone at a waterpark hotel in Dubuque.  We had a blast playing games to get to know each other better, learn about shared ancestors, and of course the kids couldn't get enough of the waterpark.  I was able to take some nice pictures of everyone as well.  It was a fantastic weekend!

Bart's grandpa Bob passed away a while ago.  Grandma Dot brought some of his old things that the grandkids and great-grandkids could chose a few things to keep.  Krew picked these glasses and proceeded to wear them quite a bit over the next few weeks. Little Great-Grandpa Bob!
Everly loved every second of playing with her cousins.  She was in heaven!

I love that Bart took a photo of me taking photos!