Thursday, May 31, 2012


The boys are in T-Ball this year, for the first time.  It's fun to watch 6 year-olds play T-Ball.  The first game, a couple of kids on the other team fielded their own ball after they hit it, kids tend to be more interested in playing in the dirt than playing the game, and not only do they not keep score, they also don't call any outs.  But they are having fun and learning some baseball basics.

 Kade looks like he's taking the game very serious!


Daddy and Krew watching the game

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

all i want for christmas...

Ky lost both his top front teeth last week!  He now has such a cute, funny smile.  He sure wasn't smiling when they came out though!  He was outside playing catch with Kade and some friends, when Kade threw the t-ball quite hard, and Ky "caught" it with his face.   The ball gave him a fat lip and knocked his two front teeth out.  He came inside, crying and bleeding saying that he lost a tooth.  But, while I was cleaning him up, he realized that he was missing two teeth!  I think that realization scared him more than when he thought it was just one, but I did my best to help him see how cool it was, and to remember that he could put both teeth under his pillow (only we never did find the second tooth, out in the grass somewhere).  The tooth fairy came that night and gave him two dollars!

We'd better get used to this silly smile, since the teeth came out before they were ready, it might be a while until the other teeth grow in, which is fine with me because I think he's adorable!


Last week, Kade wore his brand new, reversible shorts to school.  When he got home, he told me that every time he went to the bathroom that day, he switched his shorts to the other side.  Silly boy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

baby's first haircut

Last week, Krew had his first haircut.  He was born with lots of dark hair, and over the past six months, it has grown longer, and lots blonder.  It has always made him look older than he is, since lots of babies have little to no hair, and he has a whole head of it.  But, as you can see from the pictures below, he was in need of a little trim.  I was so hesitant to cut his hair at all for a few reasons.  First, I think of him as a little brunette baby because that's what color his hair was at first.  But it is so much lighter now, that I know as soon as I cut off the ends, he won't be even a little bit brunette, and I'm not ready to let go of that.  Second, his hair has been so much about who he is so far.  It's probably the first thing people notice about him, and I didn't want that to change (yet!)  Also, he has the cutest curls by his ears, that I'm not sure he'll have ever again once we cut them off, and I love them.  However, the back (mullet) was starting to bother  me, and I decided it had to go.  And somehow, now that he is six months old, that suddenly made me feel like it was okay to trim some of his baby hair.
The orange arrow is pointing to the longest bit of hair.  Isn't that crazy?!

Another view of the craziness that is the back of his hair

After, spit up on his chin and all!

So, my talented friend Greta came over to trim up the back a little.  Just cutting off the mullet was more than I could handle emotionally, so I didn't let her touch the front or the sides.  That may make me sound like a crazy mom, but that's just how I felt!
 And see?  He still has those awesome curls on the side, and he still looks like Krew!
Also, a little secret: all his six month pictures I posted last week were taken after his haircut, and I think his hair looks perfect!

P.S.  It's ironic that I am posting about this haircut today, and how it was an emotional experience for me, because we had a hair cutting incident last night that was much more traumatic, and I'm not ready to talk about it yet.  (And don't worry, Krew was unaffected by said incident).

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

one through six

Look how fast my baby has grown up! 
I love that as you scroll down you can see his thighs plump up, his cheeks get rounder, and his hair get longer and curlier!

happy six months, krew!

Krew is six months old!  Half a year!  Wow!  Okay, Krew, it is officially time for you to stop growing up so fast.  I can't stand how fast he is growing and changing, and the only thing that makes it okay, is the fact that I already know how much fun the next several stages are!
Krew is such a happy baby!  Now that he can roll around and get to new things to play with and put in his mouth, he is content to play on the floor for a big chunk of the day.  He also likes his jumperoo that hangs in the doorway, and watching his brothers play.  Speaking of Kade and Ky, they are seriously the BEST big brothers.  They love Krew so much and it is so fun to see them interact.  They still get upset when they leave for school and Krew is still asleep, or if they get home and Krew is napping.    And Krew is starting to really figure out who they are, and he gets so excited to see them as well!

He has his six month well child visit in a couple weeks, so I'm not sure exactly how much he weighs, but I'm pretty sure it's about the same as Kade and Ky did when they were about 18 months old!  It's all in his cheeks, (and thighs, and tummy, and all that hair probably weighs a couple pounds!)

Love the curls by his ears. Love. Them.

He has started eating solids, and can't seem to get enough of everything.  Definitely not a picky eater (yet!).  He's getting much better at sitting up, although he often forgets what he's doing and throws himself straight back, usually onto my lap, thank goodness.  His favorite new sound to make is blowing raspberries with his lips, both when he's happy and also while he cries.  It's too cute!

Love this one!

And just look at those kissable lips...and cheeks!

 Krew is such a blessing to our family and I can't believe how lucky I am that I get to be his mom! 
 This photo session was full of a ton of these:  blurry pictures!  Krew is so wiggly and always on the go.  These pictures aren't blurry because he was falling over like last month, but just because he was so excited and happy that he was flapping his arms and trying to play!  They capture what Krew is really like at 6 months!  (you may also notice some blurry arms and legs on the above pictures too-he's always moving!)  Who wants to bet he's wigglier next month?