Tuesday, May 30, 2017

more springtime fun

During spring break, we checked out a children's museum that is about an hour away that we had never been before. It was awesome!  The little kids and the bigs kids all had a blast.

On the way home from the museum, we stopped at a grocery store that carries this Jeni's ice cream that we've been hearing a lot about.  We had to try several of their flavors and it was delicious!
I told each of the twins that I would help them learn how to cook something of their choosing during spring break.  Kade wanted to learn how to make stir-fry.  He did a great job, and I'm excited that someday they'll be able to cook dinner while I relax get something else done.

Ky wanted to learn how to make potstickers, which has been his favorite meal for a long time.  He did a great job, and I was glad to have the help, because they take a lot of work!

We spent some time as a family at a local trampoline park, and had such a great time!  It's too bad it's so expensive to go to places like this because it's so fun and such a great workout!

Playing at the mall park is a great way to spend time when it's too cold and wet to go to a real park!

One morning I was looking for Krew because it was time for him to go to school.  I finally found him in Everly's bed, reading her a book.  They are best friends!
These princess toys are Everly's favorite toys by far!  She plays with them all the time.  I love watching her use her imagination!

I love these four kiddos of mine!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

easter 2017

Easter this year consisted of a fun egg hunt with friends, coloring easter eggs, finding fun things in baskets Easter morning, finding the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid, new church clothes, a yummy dinner with friends, and of course, rejoicing that our Savior lives!

This is a new egg carrying technique that I hadn't seen before :)

Hope you all had a happy Easter like we did!

march fun!

Here are some of the highlights from our March

 Snapchat filters.  Always.
 Trying on stylish hats 
 I took this picture because she fell asleep while I rocked her.  It may be the last time, and I never want to forget it.  Before this, it had been quite a while since she let me rock her to sleep.  That made me sad, because she is my only child that I rocked to sleep every night and for every nap for just about the first two years of her life.  The fact that she no longer falls asleep in my arms means she is growing up, and I'm not fully prepared to process that.  So, this now rare instance was a tender reminder of all the times I was able to rock her and hold her as she drifted off to sleep.  
 When things get boring at brothers' football games, take selfies!
 Dabbing all day, e'ry day!
 Getting ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
 Ky and Kade's flag football team one the league championship.  Again.  I think this is 4 solid years in a row that they have won the championship.  It's always so much fun to watch them play.  
 Krew played flag football this year too.  He is completely football obsessed, so of course we were excited to sign him up. The only problems were the fact that his league is for ages 5-7, so he and his friend Bailey were the youngest on any team, and by quite a lot. Plus, 7 year olds are just bigger and better than 5 year olds in general, a fact that didn't go unnoticed by Krew himself.  Also, Krew is my "non-participator" and although he plays super aggressively when he plays football with his dad and brothers, his dislike for participating with people he doesn't know, kept him from playing like he usually does at home.  I still think he had a great time, and it was a good first exposure to organized sports.  Plus, it was absolutely adorable to watch him!  His team went undefeated and thus won the league championship as well!

Bart continues to play his guitar a little bit every night.  He's getting pretty good, too!

The end of spring calls for some messy play since we are all tired of being inside, and tired of all our regular inside toys as well.
Nothing better than glow bowling as a family!

For Krew's 100th day of school, he glued 100 pom poms onto this shirt and thought it was pretty awesome!  He loves numbers right now, so a whole day of playing with the number 100 was super fun for him!
Everly found these adorable puppies at the pet store and wanted to take one home so badly.  Luckily for me, we left them all at the store!
And mommy-Everly snuggles are the best way to spend the month of March!