Sunday, October 15, 2017

summer time = play time!

We tried really hard this summer to find the perfect balance of lazy, relaxing days where we don't get anything done, and days where we are busy squeezing as much fun into our summer days as possible.  Here are some of the fun things we did:
We went to the zoo, mainly because Krew wanted to see the emus.  I'm not even joking.  His love for birds has inspired him to decide that what he really wants for his birthday is a pet baby emu.  I told him that couldn't happen because we don't live on a farm.  He had the perfect solution to this: sell our house and buy a farm.  Sounds simple enough.
We walked around the whole zoo, but this is really all he wanted to see.  We stayed by the emus for a good 20 minutes, and the look on his face made it all worth it.

One time this summer we took Everly to Qdoba wearing a wig.  Just kidding; it's not a wig.  But it sure looks like it because I don't think it's normal for a two year old to have this much hair!
Going for walks exploring nature is one of the best things we did this summer.

We went bowling quite a few times.  We would have gone more, except the twins are super competitive, and they were miserable anytime they weren't in the lead, whether it was the whole game or just a few frames.  I sure hope their competitive spirit will be of some kind of benefit when they are older, because it's sure tough on me now.

Trips to the local amusement park are a regular occurrence around here in the summertime!

We just HAD to celebrate National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!
We got to go as a family to Packers Family Night, and we had amazing seats.  It was super fun, but each time we've been, I can't believe that they can fill the stadium for a practice. 

We all had a good time!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

weekend in chicago

In July we spent a couple of days in Chicago with some friends.  It was a blast!  The kids loved having friends to hang out with, and Bart and I loved having grown-ups to talk to (when we weren't too busy herding cats  children.  

 I had to take a picture of this Nutella restaurant (and the huge line to even get in) because Krew has decided recently that Nutella should be its own food group.  He was sad that we weren't going to wait an hour to get inside and eat.

 I could take pictures by the bean all day.  It is so interesting to photograph, and look at, and touch, and make funny faces in!

 For some reason, the twins were most excited about shopping on Michigan Avenue, which of course included a stop at the Disney Store, the Nike Store, and Under Amour.  Okay the real reason they were so excited was because we were still shopping for their new school shoes.  For some reason I could not get through to them that downtown Chicago might not have the best prices on new shoes, so they were disappointed when they finally saw that first hand.  Oh well, window shopping is fun too!

 We went to this amazing park while we were walking around.  So many awesome slides, a maze, interactive water fountains, and tons of things to climb on and run around on.  It was a GREAT little summer getaway!

more adventures with grandma

Another fun thing we did while my mom was in town, was head to this adorable place called Bookworm Gardens.  It is an enchanting little place where each garden area represents a particular book or folk tale.  Each area felt different and there were tons of interactive things for the kids to play with.

Being in nature and exploring the story book worlds was the perfect way to spend the day.

Everly and Krew loved this area where they got the make a fairy garden.

We are definitely going to have to make a trip back there soon!
It's tradition that my mom helps the kids make some sort of puppet whenever she visits.  She is a talented seamstress as well as a puppeteer, and the kids love to get creative with her.  I love seeing what new creatures they come up with each time.

We are so glad when grandma comes to visit, and so sad when she has to leave!