Monday, April 28, 2008

wet weekend

Bart had last Friday off, so we decided to head to the Florida Aquarium. It was a pretty large aquarium, with lots of neat exhibits. There was an exhibit of the "local" animal life, which in Florida is really neat. (I've been to an aquarium in Utah where the "local" fish exhibit was not all that interesting.) There were some awesome alligators, some huge fish, neat birds, and some really colorful fish.

Here Bart is standing in front of this huge wall of glass. It was so neat to be able to see so many big fish swimming around together, because this exhibit was huge.
The boys were so excited to see "Bruce" (the shark on Finding Nemo)
And, "Crush" swam right up to the boys and looked them in their eyes.
Trying to get a better look

Me and my boys waiting for a little show with a duck, a skunk, turtle, armadillo, alligator, owl, and more.

Behind the boys is a Goliath Grouper. This one had to be about 6 feet long and weigh close to 1000 pounds. I have never seen anything like it.

Goofing around

Petting the starfish

Outside, they had this great play area.

Oh, no! Kade's being eaten by an alligator!

Finding things in the pirate's treasure chest
Kade saying, "Arrgh, mateys!"
Ky splashing. It took quite a while for him to work up the courage to do this.
Splashing together
Kade got much more into the splashing. He would actually run right through the water fountains. His clothes got soaked and his pants were so heavy, they were falling down.
On Saturday, we went to Clearwater Beach. It was the most perfect day at the beach, ever. It was warm enough to sit in the waves, but not too hot that you felt like the sun was scorching you. The boys had more fun in the water than they ever had, and I wish we could have stayed longer! We are sure going to miss the beach when we move.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

best buddies

The other day, Kade put his arm around Ky and said, "This is my brother. Mommy, take a picture." They stayed like this long enough for me to search for my camera and take a few really cute pictures. It is so fun to see these two little boys grow up together. They love to be with their brother. In fact, this past weekend, Bart and I decided to split them up for a little one-on-one time with us. We thought they would really like to have a parent all to themselves. But Kade was so worried about where Ky was, I'm not sure he had much fun. What a special bond they have!

The other evening, I took the boys to the park to enjoy the absolutely perfect evening weather. Here Kade is enjoying "the big slide."
Silly Kade face
Silly Ky face
Two brothers "racing" on the slides

Sunday, April 20, 2008

more disney pictures

I got the chance to retell the story of our magical trip to Disney World yesterday, and it made me realize that I never posted more pictures like I promised, so here you go.

Bart and the boys with Nemo

In Bruce the shark's mouth

Smile, you're at Epcot

Everyone at Epcot

"Daddy, it's way too bright to look at the camera!"

Waiting to get on the Buzz Lightyear ride, which was where we won the stay in the castle.

A little after we found out we had won, these were the Disney employees that helped us a lot that afternoon.

We were in the parade with Daisy

Ky loved Cinderella, and did not want to leave her when we were done with the pictures. He just kept staring at her and smiling. It was super cute!
At dinner in the castle, one of Cinderella's mice came and kissed the boys. Kade thought she was awesome!
This was on the Winnie the Pooh ride. It was the first one we went on without waiting in line.
The boys and the gang, we had so much fun in this room!

Just look at this elaborate white chocolate carriage. It was filled with chocolate covered strawberries! Yum!
The next morning we had breakfast with Pooh and friends. Here's Kade and Pooh

Ky and Pooh. The boys got to march in a little parade around the restaurant with the characters.

Piglet and Ky. I don't think they ate much that morning, there was too much going on.

Piglet and Kade. What a fun, fun, place.

Monday, April 14, 2008

spring gator game

We spent last Saturday in Gainesville, enjoying some Gator football. It was fun to be there, even if it was only the spring game (where they play themselves). ESPN's College Gameday crew was there, and so were the national championship trophy and Tebow's Heisman trophy. The boys are such cute Gator fans that it was just fun to watch them.

Bart and the Heisman trophy
Gator football has been such a fun part of our time here in Florida. It is definitely something we will miss when we move, but it was nice to be able to enjoy it in person one last time!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

from here to there







Well, it's official! Bart got an amazing job offer, we've accepted it and we are moving to Green Bay! He's going to be working for a group up there doing ENT including head and neck surgery. Everything with this job has worked out amazingly well, from finding out about it, to the interview process, to the offer. We really feel like it was meant to be from the beginning.

To celebrate, (aside from our amazing trip to Disneyworld) I made Bart this ear, nose and throat cake.

It's by far the weirdest cake I have ever made.

So, we are going to enjoy these last few months we have in Florida, and then we are excited to start the next phase in our lives!

Way to go Bart! We are so proud of all you have done during these past two years. You are going to make an awesome ENT PA!!