Thursday, November 20, 2014

this little guy

 This little guy makes me happy every day!  I mean, just look at that cute face and you'll understand what I mean.

two months!

 Everly is 2 months old!! I can't believe how fast those two months flew by.  She has changed a lot in the past month, and it's been fun to watch her grow.
 As you can see, she learned how to stick out her tongue.  She has been smiling a lot since she turned one month old.  My favorite is her big, open mouth smile, dimples and all!
 She is such a great sleeper!  Most nights she sleeps 7-8 hours, eats and goes back to sleep for a few more hours.  She hardly ever cries in the night, just wimpers enough for me to know she's awake and hungry.
 Just before she turned 2 months old, she started trying to "talk" to us.  She makes a few cute "coo" and "goo"  sounds, but often, she will look right at us, and make all sorts of breathy sounds while moving her mouth, trying to figure out how to make talking sounds.  It's my favorite!
 At her 2 month check-up, she weighed 10 lbs. 14 oz.  For comparisons sake, I looked up my other kids' 2 month stats.  Kade weighed 10 lbs. 1 oz, and Ky weighed 10 lbs. 14 oz., so she is in between where the twins were at at the same age, but very close to their size.  Krew on the other hand, weighed 14 lbs. 9 oz. at two months!  Four pounds more than Everly at only two months.  That's crazy!  Here's his 2 month post if you care to see the difference.

 Krew is still so in love with his baby sister.  Watching these two together is what being a mom is all about!  He constantly wants to know where she is.  He helps burp her, sings to her when she's fussy, and loves to rub his cheek on her head!
 Last week, Krew had a sore throat for a few days.  We told him not to get to close to the baby so she wouldn't get sick.  The morning he finally woke up feeling better, the first thing he said was, "I'm all better.  Now I can get close to Everly!!!!"  So sweet, right?
 I have a feeling these two are going to be best buddies!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

bits of october

Besides birthdays, and baby blessings, and Halloween, we filled October with lots of the following:
These two cuties playing together.  I love watching the way Krew adores his baby sister!
Bart and I went to a Packers game!  We had the best seats.  We were kinda outside (so we could hear the crowd noise) and kinda inside (so we were out of the rain) and we had all the free food we could eat.  It was great to get out just the two of us after the crazy September we had.

I let Krew play at the play area at the mall one day, and clearly he loved it!

The little kids and I joined the twins for "Take Your Parents to Lunch Day" at school.  It was so fun to see them in that environment, and interacting with their school friends.  Krew liked being one of the big kids, with his own lunchbox and everything.

We even got to stay and play kickball for recess.  I was so impressed with how all the kids let Krew play with them.  Both teams cheered for him and pretended to try to get him out, but letting him score anyway.  It was cute to watch.

We took lots of pictures of this adorable baby, because she's adorable and growing up too fast!

See?  I told you she was adorable!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

halloween 2014

Oh my goodness, I love Halloween.  Especially with little kids, and this year did not disappoint. 

The boys all selected the perfect pumpkins...

Krew painted his little white one, then proudly displayed it on the porch.

This was his reaction when he found out we were going to cut open his big orange one:
oh, the horror! 

It took a little convincing, but he finally came around to the idea of carving them, and he dug right in!
The Saturday before Halloween we went to the Trunk-or-Treat party at church.  Before we left, Bart took some awesome pictures of the boys in their costumes.

Krew picked out this Hulk costume months ago at Costco, because for some reason, he's decided he loves the Hulk.  I'm not even sure what he's seen of the Hulk.  Anyway, he's been talking about it for weeks, telling everyone about his Halloween costume.  So of course, once it's finally time to wear it for real and go to a Halloween party, he starts pouting because he wants to wear a Ninja Turtle costume like his brothers.  Of course.

But, once we got to the party, and he got some candy, he decided he liked his costume.  (Candy is magical, isn't it!)

Bart went as a sports reporter, complete with his multiple cameras and his credentials

Everly went as the cutest Fairy Princess ever

And I just had to be a fairy princess with her, because I finally have a little girl to coordinate with!

There was no school on Halloween, so my friend hosted an awesome Halloween playgroup for all the kids.  It was a blast!

I love these pictures of my boys dressed in these Ninja Turtle costumes.  My mom made these costumes for my 3 brothers when they were little, and she brought them out with her for my 3 boys to wear.  She had to make a few pieces to replace ones that had been lost over the years, but otherwise, these are totally "vintage" costumes.  Funny that the same characters that were popular when I was little are popular again.  Since it was freezing outside, and the kids were going to be bundled up anyway, and since Krew had worn his Hulk costume at least once, I decided I just wanted him to be happy trick-or-treating and if he wanted to wear the Ninja Turtles costume like his brothers, then great!
Of course, he changed his mind 90 seconds before we were all about to leave to go out, and he put his Hulk costume on instead.

Krew is at such a fun trick-or-treating age.  He got excited about every piece of candy he got.  In fact, as soon as someone put a treat into his bucket, he fished it out, held it up and said, "Mom, I got this one." Every. Single. Time.
I wasn't planning on taking the baby out, but I love that we always go trick-or-treating as a family, so I bundled her up, put her in the wrap, and she slept the whole time!  I didn't put her costume on her again, but she did wear this adorable strawberry hat that she was given when she left the NICU.
It. Was. Cold.  The twins were whining about being too cold so we quickly made our way home.  But Krew was not ready to be done.  So, the two of us went out again so he could get even more candy.  He is such a trooper (either that or he is more motivated by free treats).   
We finished the evening by having friends over for pizza, and we stuffed ourselves with tootsie rolls and fun size candy bars.