Wednesday, July 28, 2010

rock climbing!

While we were in Utah, my brother Jonathan took Bart and I rock climbing in Rock Canyon. It was so much fun. Neither one of us had ever been before, and it was harder than we expected it to be, but we had such a great time.

I was faster than Bart getting up the cliff, but to be fair, I had real rock climbing shoes on and Bart had sneakers.
Here's Jonathan. He is such an expert rock climber that he made us look pathetic when he scampered up the same route in about 1/10th the time it took us. I wish we could have gone again, but there just wasn't time. Bart and I can't wait to go again someday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

splashing in utah

While we were in Utah, we stopped at the Gateway in SLC for a little shopping. The boys loved the water fountain, and were really good about only getting a little wet since we were headed to the Bee's game right after. It was so much fun to watch them try to catch the water.

Ky was pretty proud of himself for learning how to blow spit bubbles.
Then Kade decided to try. Not quite the same result!
While we were in the sporting goods store, the boys decided that these helmets made good Iron Man and War Machine masks if they put them on backwards. The entertain me every day!

Monday, July 12, 2010

back from Utah

The boys and I got back from Utah a few days ago. We were there for 24 days. We were lucky enough to have Bart with us for the first half of our trip and missed him terribly the second half. I hope to post more about what we did while we were there, but it might take awhile, considering we have pictures on 3 different cameras. But I am going to try to include as much of the fun stuff as I can. Until then, enjoy this picture of the awesome mountains!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

amazing dance last night!

In case you missed the last dance on SYTYCD last night, you have to watch it. I have already watched it a dozen times, and I still think it's amazing! Also it helps if you know that Alex (with the red sleeves) is the one being judged, and he is strictly a ballet dancer. Twitch is from a previous season. I can't get enough of this dance!