Monday, March 28, 2016

february month in review

February is often tough.  It's still cold and gloomy outside.  By the time February rolls around, we have already been stuck inside for months.  Plus, I've been dealing with some pretty serious back pain since the beginning of January, which made February seem even longer and duller.  But, that doesn't mean February was a total bust.  These kids make even the most dull months exciting!

Everly would not stop hugging her little friend, Avonlea.  It was the sweetest thing.
This is the only picture I got from this year's pinewood derby #momfail.  It is of Kade accepting his 2nd place trophy.  Way to go Kade!

We took these delicious cheesecake bars to a Superbowl party.  Everyone except for Kade chose to eat the Broncos colored side.

Oh no!  Is she going to grow up to be one of those girls that carry their tiny dogs in a purse while they shop?
Kade and Ky had fun making their Valentine's boxes this year.  Of course, my football obsessed Kade made a Carolina Panthers stadium, and Ky made a toilet.  (I'm still not sure why!)

I realize that it looks like she is picking her nose, but I was trying to get her attention and asked her where her nose is.  This is the awesome shot that resulted.  It's amazing that anyone ever paid me to take their family pictures for them, sheesh!