Friday, July 24, 2009

never mind--moving on

So, after posting my last entry two days ago, not a single person jumped at the chance to get something from me. (It's a little embarrassing.) That means that a) no one really reads this blog, b) you were all scared at what homemade gift I would send, or c) this has been going on so long that no one wants to participate again. For my self esteem I'm going to assume it's option c.
So, let's just call the whole thing off, and move on with some fun fair pictures!

Wednesday night we went to see some of Bart's family at the county fair. His dad and his sister are both really involved every year (which by default means his mom is too!). So, we came to see their animals and have a fun evening together.Sadie showed the boys the bunnies she had entered in the fair, and Kade wanted to pet one. We got to eat some fair food while we there and of course followed it up with some fair treats. Yum! Bart and the boys shared this enormous snow cone. Look at Ky eyeing it. Too funny! I had to pick the least healthy treat at the fair: deep fried Snickers. It was delish!
It was fun to see Bart's family, including our nephew Cooper--who clapped a lot--so cute!
But the very best part of the fair were these little baby ducklings.
They were only two days old and sooooo soft. I seriously could have watched them for hours. It made me want to bring one home along with a baby chick, Chandler and Joey style! The boys loved petting the ducklings too and have asked several times when we can go back to the fair to see them.
As we were walking out of the fair, we noticed that they were holding a pig catching event in the grandstand so we decided to check it out. Teams of three people would wade though thick mud, chasing a pig, trying to pick it up and put it in a barrel. I have to say that I thought it was the weirdest form of entertainment I have ever seen. Plus, who decides that they want to tromp through thick mud, knowing you are going to get completely covered in mud (etc.), trying to pick up a heavy, stinky pig, and let everyone watch you. I don't get it. But I did take a picture of a team that did it very fast. Do you think they practice for this sort of thing?
Kade was super sad when we said it was time to leave, and in true Kade fashion, let us know how he felt.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

pay it forward

I won these awesome gift tags made by my friend Heidi by being one of the first 5 people to comment on her blog. Aren't they cute. I can't wait to give a gift away so I can use them! I was super excited when I got them because a) they are stylish and practical, and b) because that is the 3rd time I've been one of the first to comment on a Pay it Forward post and the first time that I actually received something! Thanks Heidi!

So, this is how it works: the first 5 people to comment on this post will get something made by me! I get to choose what it is, and I have 3 months to send it to you. The catch? You then have to re-post this on your blog and give away 5 things made by you. Sounds like fun, right? Okay, comment away!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

congratulations to my honey!

I want to say congratulations to my sweet hubby today. First, because this video that he made of our boys has now been viewed on YouTube over 10,000 times!! If you missed it the first time we posted about it, be sure to check it out. Or, if you saw it already but you want to be reminded of how talented Bart is and how cute our boys are, check it out again!

Next I want to give Bart a big "way to go" because last week he reached his one year mark working as a physician assistant. The practice he works for likes him so much they've decided to keep him! Thanks Bart for all your hard work. I'm sure you really do know what you are talking about when you try to explain all that medical mumbo-jumbo to me!
On his one year "work-iversary" the boys and I made these candy noses, mouths and ears (get it --ENT) and took them to share with the people that Bart works with. The peanut butter and chocolate ears and noses were the best.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


As I looked through my picture folders I realized that I've missed posting some fun things we have done and some cute pictures from the past month or so. So, these are not in chronological order with the rest of my posts, but here they are:

This spring one rainy day, the boys and I went to splash in the puddles. This big puddle was their favorite and since it got muddy quickly, they thought it was fun to jump in the "chocolate milk." Several months ago I bought some finger paints for the boys to try. I finally got brave enough to let them use them a few weeks ago. They used it all up in one sitting, and made a much smaller mess than I expected.
A few weeks ago, we took a nice walk along the river. The light was so great that evening, and I was able to take some great pictures.

A few weeks ago, our ward sponsored a 5K and kids' run. The boys still talk about this race last January, so we knew they would want to race again this year. The boys ran the entire 1/2 mile kids' run and had a great time. They thought they won because they got a Popsicle at the end.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

fishing trip

Last Friday, we packed a picnic lunch and headed north for a fun evening fishing trip with our friends, the Strucks. One of the doctors that Bart works with has a nice 2nd home right on the water, with the perfect dock for fishing off of. It was such a great evening and here's why:
First, I got to hold hands with this man...
Watch Ky's excitement when he caught this fish...and another one...
Watch my hubby fish with his sons...
Laugh that this was the biggest fish we caught all night...
Pretend not to think it's cute when Kade cries like this because all he wants to do all evening is throw rocks in water...

Watch Ky and Logan watch the tiny fish swimming in the water...
And end the evening watching the perfect sunset...

Hope we can go again real soon!