Sunday, September 27, 2009

my kade

Kade does not like me to take his picture--actually he doesn't like to do anything that requires him to hold still for a whole second. I usually get a goofy face, a crying face, or a not-looking-at-the-camera-face.
But, then on Wednesday, I got this...Look at those eyes! He's handsome. He's amazing. He's mine.

Monday, September 21, 2009

go gators!

Saturday afternoon we invited a bunch of family and friends over for a Gator party. We had a bbq and watched the Gators beat Tennessee. We had such a good time and we were so happy to see everyone that came.
The kitchen was all decked out for the occasion
Got to have yummy orange and blue treats!

I have been wanting to make a fabric banner like this for a while, and this was the perfect occasion to try it out. It was super easy and looked awesome!
Yes, we actually painted a football field in our backyard, complete with a big orange "F" and everything.. It was so much fun. I'm not sure what the neighbors think, but I am sure that I don't care! During halftime, some of the guys had a rousing game of football, and I'm pretty sure Kade and Ky won!
Calling a play in a huddle with grandpa
"Set, hut!"

Friday, September 18, 2009

happy talk like a pirate day!

Saturday is international talk like a pirate day. We will be celebrating a day early with some people from Bart's work. This is a picture from last year's party. Arrgh, mateys!

Friday, September 4, 2009

botanical gardens

So, I just found out that there is a botanical garden in our town. I wish I would have known sooner so we could spend more time there this summer, because we went this week and it was beautiful. My friend Greta and I took our kids on Wednesday, because it's free on Wednesdays. (I love those kinds of deals!)

The kids had a great time playing with this water fountain and probably would have been content if this is all we saw.
Greta's daughter Lily is so fun to take pictures of. Once I asked if I could take her picture, she kept coming up with all sorts of poses and faces for new pictures. While I was taking pictures of her, I could hear my boys behind me saying, "Mom, take our picture now." So, I turned around to find this:
I guess that's the difference between girls and boys.
I also had to get a picture of Greta's cute Joey. He's my favorite.
Artsy, huh?

There was a great children's garden there. This was in a quite little area where the kids could water the little animal topiaries. It was so peaceful and almost a little magical back there.Climbing on a frog.