Saturday, November 28, 2009

florida trip: day five

Wednesday was Magic Kingdom day! What a great day we had. It was weird to be at the Magic Kingdom when no one tried to give us anything, and we had to wait in line like everyone else. See here if you don't know what I'm referring to. I don't really know what to say about the day, other than it was amazing. I loved spending the day there with my three favorite people, and watching the boys' excitement over everything was priceless.

Ky watching the parade. I love to see my boys this excited!

Getting a hug from Woody was definitely a highlight of the day!

Kade was such a crazy driver!

I love the way they light up the castle for Christmas!

florida trip: day four

Tuesday we drove to Orlando and went to Disney World! Bart wanted to go to EPCOT, so that's what we did for our first Disney day. Of course the first thing Bart and I did was get our Fastpasses for Soarin', which is such an amazing ride. Ky got scared the first ride we went on, and every ride after that he got really nervous in line, asking what the ride was going to be like, and it took quite a lot to convince him that things weren't going to be scary. There weren't a ton of things to keep the boys' interest, but it was fun for me to see parts of EPCOT that I have never seen, even though I have been there several times before. What a great first day of Disney we had!

florida trip: day three

Monday was our beach day. Unfortunately, it was also the most windy day we had in Florida. But, we went anyway. We decided to go to Siesta Key because it is our favorite beach and worth the extra drive. We all love the beach and would have stayed there all day if it hadn't been too windy, but after a couple of hours of splashing in the waves, building sand castles, writing our names in the sand and relaxing, our towels were completely buried by the blowing sand so we decided to call it a day. We took the long way home, admiring the amazing homes right along the coast and talking about what it was like to live in Florida for those two years.

swimming video

Here's a cute video of the boys swimming in Florida.

This is what they had been waiting all day for!

florida trip: day two

Day two of our trip we went to church with our old ward in Tampa. It was fun to see some old friends, although a lot of our friends from Tampa have moved away since we lived there. After church we went by our old apartment. It was kind of strange being there again. In a way it seemed like it was barely familiar, and at the same time, it kind of felt like we had never left.
We took a drive downtown and played at a park right on the bay. Then we ended the day swimming in the hotel pool and snuggling with daddy in bed

Bart in front of our Tampa apartment

Kade playing at the park

Kade in the pool. We could hardly make it through this day because we told the boys we were going to go swimming later, and they were so excited they asked hundreds of times if it was time to go back to the hotel and go swimming. You'd think we'd gone to Florida just to go swimming.

Snuggling with daddy at the end of another fun day!

Friday, November 20, 2009

florida trip: day one

We got to Tampa, Florida on Saturday afternoon, November 7th. The first thing we did was check in at the hotel, and do some obligatory hotel bed jumping. Then we headed right away to the beach. We went to Clearwater Beach, and even though the sun was setting just as we arrived, we had a great time. First we went to Frenchy's for grouper sandwiches. So good! Then we walked out to the water in the dark. I stopped to jump on a trampoline with a harness and do back flips. It was so much harder than it looked, but so much fun!

Jumping on the bed

Daddy and Kade at Frenchy's

Me jumping on the trampoline getting ready to do a back flip

Monday, November 16, 2009

we're back!

We just got back from our 9 day family vacation to Florida. I just uploaded the pictures off my camera, and after viewing all 357 of them, I'm feeling like it's going to take a long time to get caught up posting all about it. Especially since my mom is coming to visit in a few days, and because I just remembered that we took 2 cameras to Florida and I probably have another 300 pictures on the other one. So, check back soon to hear about our trip, and don't worry, I won't post all 657 pictures, but probably close.

I did want to post pictures of this cute baby shower gift I made for my friend Molly who had a baby girl last week. I had so much fun making it, I didn't want to forget about it. I had never done the ruffles or the leg warmers before, so I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but I have to say that I love them! Click the above links for the tutorials I used to make them.

with the leg warmers

Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy halloween

Our computer died a few weeks ago, so not only have I not been able to blog for a while, I have a bunch of pictures that I may or may not be able to recover from the dead computer. But, I wanted to be sure to post some cute pictures of my boys in their Halloween costumes.


The best part about these costumes was watching the boys put them on and practice their dance moves while singing Billie Jean. I have some fun video I'll post later if I can ever get this computer mess straightened out.
If I can recover my pictures I have some fun posts to do about the boys' first trip to Chuck E. Cheese (that they earned by taking good snoozes), the before and after pictures of the boys' room we decorated a few weeks ago, Bart's birthday, and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Plus in November we'll have some fun things to post about, like, of course, Thanksgiving, but also, a family trip to Florida we are taking, and a visit from my mom we are excited about. November is going to be awesome!