Tuesday, August 25, 2015

my baby girl is 11 months old!

 I can't believe that this little miss is 11 months old, or that this is the last monthly update before she turns 1!  We celebrated her 11 month birthday by moving into our new house that day!  (That deserves a whole post all it's own when I finally dig myself out of all these boxes and get a chance to get caught up!)
 This month she really started to communicate.  She's hasn't spoken any words yet, but she still manages to get her point across.  By far my favorite is that she nods yes when I ask her if she wants something.  Adorable!  The only problem is that since she knows that nodding can get her what she wants, sometimes she looks at me and just starts nodding, even though I haven't asked her if she wants something.  I then know that she wants something, I just don't know what it is!
She also started signing "milk".  She tries to sign "more", but it always ends up looking like an awkward clap.  She's great at signing "all done" when she wants to get out of her high chair, and she's just so proud of herself when she does it!
 She wants to walk so badly!  She can stand up all by herself, without pulling herself up on anything, and she has tried to take a few steps, but I'm not sure they count when it's more like just falling with style!

 She got really tired of mommy being so busy the past month finishing packing up the old house, and getting ready to move.  She is ready to get settled in the new house so she can have a chance to explore it, and have a bit more of mommy's attention!

 I'm so lucky to get to spend my days raising these little ones.  They are my favorite!