Sunday, July 27, 2008

some fun pictures

Of course we have been busy with the whole "trying to buy a new house" thing, but I thought I could post some cute pictures of things we have done lately.

Bart and his dad took the boys to a farm. They loved to see the animals, and especially loved to climb all over the tractors, or as Ky would say, "trac-aders."

Kade being eaten by a calf. Bart made me stick my hand in a calf's mouth when we were dating, so I know how Kade must have felt.
He decided he didn't like the cow trying to eat him. Another one trying to eat Kade

I love this picture of the boys watching the cows together

My hubby and me at a baseball game

And Kade too! He looks like he's mad, but he was actually super excited

Sunday, July 20, 2008

we got a...

Here is a picture of Kade and Ky in front of our new house! (Sorry, in the interest of internet safety, that is all you get to see of the outside.) Our offer was accepted on Friday night, and we are so excited about it. The house isn't done yet, and hopefully this week I will be able to go and choose the carpet and counter top colors. It should be done in about three weeks and we hope to close the end of August. We've already started shopping for appliances and making plans for other things we will need to make this home ours.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

baseball boys

A few weeks ago, Bart took these great pictures of the boys playing on the baseball field while they waited for their aunt Sadie's softball championship game to start. (Her team won, by the way! Go Sadie!)

Friday, July 11, 2008

bart's graduation

I finally have everything I need to post pictures, so I'm going to post about things that are weeks old. (But at least there are pictures!)
On June 21st, Bart graduated from PA school at the University of Florida. We are so proud of him and all the hard work he put into his schooling the last 2 years.
Way to go Bart!!

Also, on a related note, Bart took his boards last week and past with flying colors! He is officially Bart Miller, PA-C!!

Bart and his parents
Bart and the boys
Our happy family
So cute!
Our happy family again
Me and my sweetie! Great job Bart!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

we made it

Well, we've been here in Wisconsin for a week now, and I have plenty to blog about, including Bart's graduation, the long drive and the fun we've been having, but I don't have the cable for my camera, because the stupid POD is THREE days late! (That's a long story that might never get told, because it will put too much negative energy out into the world.)
Hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon.