Thursday, August 30, 2012

go pack go!

A few weeks ago, we went as a family to Lambeau Field to attend the Green Bay Packers' family night.  It's treated almost like an actual game, but it's really just a practice that 55,605 people come to watch.

My four guys!  I am the luckiest girl in the world to get hugs and kisses from these four every day!  I can't believe that they are all mine!

My favorite part was the 9 year old girl that sang the national anthem (she was amazing!) and when the Army paratroopers jumped out of a plane and landed on the field.  There were quite a few and they were so much fun to watch!
Everyone except Krew had a great time.  It was a little too loud, a little too late, with far too much going on for this sweet little guy.  But, he did manage to mooch some Gerber snacks from the baby and mama sitting behind us, and since we all know this kid loves to eat, he was pretty content while he was eating her food!

why do they grow up so fast?

I'm always amazed at how fast my kids grow up.  I know that's cliche to say, but it's true.  However, pretending that they are old enough to shave with daddy, just made for a fun time!

They both took it so seriously, making sure they didn't miss any spots!

 I'm sure it's going to feel like the blink of any eye before they are doing this for real!

more summer fun!

It's fun living close to this little amusement park, and the boys and I go several times each summer.  It was fun a few weeks ago for Daddy to come with us.  Kade and Ky were excited that they were finally tall enough to ride on the bumper cars, and the big swings.  They love going on all kinds of rides and are not scared of anything!

Another thing we've been able to do a lot this summer is bowl.  We found a deal where the kids can bowl two games free any (or every) day for just the cost of shoe rental.  We've been able to go about once a week!

partyin' in milwaukee

In July, we spent a couple of days in Milwaukee as a family.  The first thing we did was head downtown.  We were excited to see food trucks everywhere, since that seems to be the trendy way to eat lunch these days, and it's not something we get to do near our house.

Then, we went to the Milwaukee Children's museum.  We've been to quite a few children's museums, and I have to say that this one was my favorite.  It was a bit crowded, but there was so much to see and do.  All the exhibits were really great, and we stayed there a long time!

While we were there, I got to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a meteorologist.  (Actually, I've just always wanted to be on TV).  This green screen really worked, and there were lots of backgrounds you could put up to look like you were reporting the weather, out in a field of cows, or near the water, etc.  It was awesome!
One of the first exhibits we stopped at was this mechanic shop, and the boys could have played here for hours.

Smoothing "concrete" at the home construction site

The temporary exhibit there was something to represent all fifty states.  So Krew and I went to "Utah." We had a blast :)

This was cool: the faster you lead the music, the faster they would all play.
The next day was a fun-filled day at the large Milwaukee zoo!  The only problem was that it was a record breaking 104 degrees (and humid) that day.  Which meant that not only were we all hot and tired, but many of the animals were sleeping or in their indoor cages where we couldn't see them.  But we had fun anyway.

I loved this lion cub.  It was so interested in us that it paced back and forth in front of the window for a long time while we just watched each other

By the end, this is how we all looked and felt.  Poor hot, sweaty baby!

it's been such a fun summer!

We've been having so much a fun this summer, that I haven't had much time to blog.  I really don't want to forget about all the fun we've had, so I'm going to try to catch up.  But first, here are a few random fun pictures that don't belong in a post all their own.
Mama and Krew in our matching Gator hats

So happy about the mess he just made

I had to laugh when I saw this picture (above) of Krew, because I remembered that I had an almost identical one of Ky (below).  Krew is about a month older in this picture than Ky was.  What do you think?  Do they look alike?  Do they look like brothers? 

All three boys with their Great Grandma Dot and Great Grandpa Bob

Krew with one of his favorite toys: keys!

A few weeks ago we went to a wedding.  Aren't these two guys so handsome all dressed up?