Monday, January 30, 2012

3 months!

Krew is 3 months old!!  I feel like I just took his 2 month pictures, and now he's 3 months old.  Crazy!
 He is still such a good baby.  He's been giving lots of smiles, and making lots of cute sounds.  A few weeks ago he learned to say his "g" sound, so he's been telling us a lot about "goo"  and "ga" and "ging."  Last week he laughed for the first time!  I was the only one home, and felt bad that I was the only one who got to hear it, but a few days later, he laughed for Bart too.  Now we are just waiting for the giggles to be a regular occurrence!
 His cheeks and thighs and tummy keep getting bigger and cuter! He's wearing size 6 months clothes, some that Kade and Ky wore when they were 7 or 8 months old.  I guess he's just going to be a big baby!

Isn't he precious?  I think I'm in love!

party time-lightning mcqueen style!

On Saturday, we had a birthday party for Kade and Ky.  Only a month late, but that's what happens when your birthday is four days after Christmas!  They are obsessed with Cars 2 right now, and since I lifted my ban on tacky character parties (which I feel limit creativity, but are super easy) because I have a 3 month old baby, a Cars birthday party was the obvious choice.  It turned out really cute, and I think everyone had a good time!
This Secret Agent Special mission scavenger hunt was my favorite activity, and I actually thought of it early that morning while I was up feeding Krew.  Nothing like adding a game the last minute, but I'm glad I did because it was fun for the boys.

 We also had a contest to see who could stack the most "tires" aka chocolate cheerios.
 We went fishing for McQueen with Mater's tow cable, fixed the road (put together a road puzzle), raced cars on the race track, and went tractor tipping! 

 My incredibly talented friend, Brittney made this amazing cake!  I'm so glad that I gave up on the idea of trying to make the cake myself this year, because this cake is a zillion times better than what I could have done, and the boys loved it.  Kade and Ky greeted their friends as they came to the party by saying, "I got an awesome Cars cake; it looks real!"

a hockey game

For Christmas, Bart's parents bought us tickets to a hockey game!  They also gave Kade and Ky pucks and team shirts to wear to the game.  Last Saturday was the big game, and Bart's parents came to our house to watch Krew so that the rest of us could enjoy the game without worrying about the baby.  It was the first time I had left him with anyone else, so of course I cried all the way to the game.  But, once we were there I had a great time.  It was so nice to spend some time with Bart, Ky and Kade the way we used to.
 We sat right behind the opposing team's penalty box, and Bart and the boys had a great time harassing the players that got put in there.  Here you can see Kade's disapproval of this player.
 And at one point, the other team had 3 players in the penalty box at once!

 Apparently I disapprove of their silliness, or something like that.
Aunt Sadie was at the game with another group and she stopped by to say hi!  We had such a great time, and the boys cannot stop talking about it.
Thanks Zen and Denni for the tickets and for snuggling with Krew while we were gone!

i have a chubby baby!

My first two babies were tiny!  Sure, they eventually got chubby legs, but they were still tiny little things.  But, I finally got myself a chubby baby!
There's lots more squishiness for me to snuggle!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

krew's baby blessing

 We started 2012 with a very special day. On New Year's Day, Bart gave Krew his baby blessing.  It was such a special day.  Bart gave such a beautiful blessing, and Krew was an angel. At one point during the meeting, I looked down at my adorable, sleeping son, all dressed in white, and wrapped in the baby blanket my mom crocheted when Kade and Ky were born.  I realized that I had dreamt of that moment for so long, and now that it was here, it was as special as I could have hoped for it to be.  I feel so lucky that my Heavenly Father would send such a sweet baby to our family, and that Bart is worthy to give him such a wonderful blessing.
 My three sons!  Aren't they handsome?

 While the guest of honor was sleeping, we got a picture with Bart's side of the family, who we were lucky enough to have at the blessing.  Maybe someday we'll get a picture of all of us, plus Krew!

 After the meeting, we came back to our house and had a nice, little luncheon.  Aren't all these neck-ties so cute?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

m-i-c-k-e-y, why? because we love you!

 We love Mickey Mouse at our house, and I was thrilled when I saw the cute outfit my parents bought for Krew!  I happen to think he's the cutest Mickey Mouse I've ever seen!