Thursday, October 22, 2015

i'm so fancy

 I love that I have all of Everly's monthly photos, and I absolutely have about a million adorable candid ones, but as she approached her first birthday, I was just itching to do a more fancy, stylized photo shoot.  A little head cold for the princess right after her birthday, followed by a bunch of cloudy, cooler days, postponed any photo taking for a few weeks. At the beginning of October, we finally had a sunny day and some warmer weather, so I threw this adorable little outfit on her, grabbed this cool chair and headed out into our backyard.
 She was perfectly happy smiling for the camera and sitting still(ish) for a few minutes.

 Luckily there were flocks of geese that kept flying overhead to distract her from getting down after the first sixty seconds.

 I'm happy that I was able to take these pictures in our backyard, before all those lots get houses built on them.  I'm sure this scene will be completely different by the spring.  Oh, and Everly will look different by then too!

 I set her on the blanket because I knew the ground would not feel good on her tiny feet.  Our lawn was just starting to come in at that point, and the straw that the landscapers put down wasn't very soft. I thought she would just stay on the blanket, but she kept wandering off it, because she's at a very wiggly stage right now! She started to cry because she didn't like how it felt. Then, she grunted and pointed at the house, so I figured we were done taking pictures and we headed inside.  She immediately went over to her shoe basket, picked out some shoes, and brought them to me.  She's a genius!  I love that she figured out that she didn't like being poked in the feet, but she knew that if she went inside and got shoes on, that that would solve the problem.

 She's even fancy when she rides on the toy tractor!

 I have a feeling that I'm going to look at this picture in a few years and feel like it's an accurate depiction of my only daughter: dressing all fancy and pink, and playing with the boys' toys! I guess that's what happens when you are the only girl with three older brothers.