Friday, June 29, 2012

fun runnin'

To continue the tradition of Kade and Ky running in kids' races, last weekend the boys ran another 1/2 mile race put on by our congregation at church.  Their first race was a few weeks after they turned two, then they ran another when they were three, then two last year when they were five, and now this one as six year olds.  This may lead you to believe we do this because we are a running family.  Not so.  Perhaps I "make" my children run races because running has always been something I wish I liked, but truthfully think that running might actually kill me.  (Don't worry, they don't feel like I'm making them run.  They actually really like these little races.)  

On your marks..

Ignore the kid in the front with his number in his face, hee hee.  Instead look how both my boys have their tongues out while they run.  Maybe if I used this technique, I might survive running!

Their victory popsicles!
After the kids' race was over, Bart ran in the 5K!  I was so proud of him, especially since we made a goal together last summer that we would both run it this year, and it became pretty clear a few months ago that it was going to be difficult to find time to train with 3 kids at home.  Either that or my extreme hatred of running beat my desire to want to run, to be in shape, and achieve my goal.  But Bart stayed committed, and even though he only started training a few weeks ago, he was able to run the whole race and finish with a good time.  Way to go Bart!
This year, Ky won 1st place in his age group!  He was so proud of his shiny new medal, and he loved seeing his name on the poster of winners.  Kade came in six seconds behind to get 2nd place.  He didn't handle losing to his brother very well (he is a tad competitive) even though he got 1st place last year.  I told them the only way for them both to win is to run really fast and then hold hands as they cross the finish line together!  I'm sure they will be competing with each other in lots of areas their whole lives!

Way to go Ky and Kade!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

stars wars night at the baseball game, a.k.a. a little boys' dream summer evening

A few weeks ago, we went to Star Wars night at a nearby minor league baseball game.  We have always loved going to minor league baseball games, in fact my first date with Bart was to the Provo Angels game! But, add Star Wars characters, Star Wars music, Star Wars sound effects throughout the game, and new light-up light sabers, and it was one of the funnest summer evenings we have had!  

 As soon as we arrived at the ball field, we saw R2-D2 rolling toward us.  We had to stop for a picture.  I think my boys would have been completely happy if that was the only Star Wars thing we saw that whole evening.
 Bart's parents came to the game with us, and Krew was having so much fun playing with grandma!
 We took a break from watching the game to go meet some of the characters and have pictures taken.

Darth Vader was the boys' favorite character.  They were so excited when we spotted him!

My favorite was R2-D2.  He was talking to me while I was posing with him, and I wish I knew what he was trying to say!

I didn't know who these red guys were, but don't worry, Kade and Ky knew!

Our team won! After the game, there were fireworks set to Star Wars music.  The boys were in heaven.  I was a little worried about how Krew would handle the fireworks, but after a few minutes of him acting unsure, he decided he liked them pretty well and watched them with Daddy.  It reminded me of last year when I was pregnant with him and we went to a game and stayed for the fireworks.  With each loud firework, Krew kicked me from inside pretty hard.  It was an awesome experience to be watching fireworks, and bonding with my unborn child.  And this year I got to watch them with my husband and three amazing kids!

my little graduates!

3 weeks ago (man, I'm behind), Kade and Ky graduated from kindergarten!  They had a little graduation ceremony, a slide show with pictures from the year, and a celebration cake.  As I watched my graduates get their certificates of graduation, I could not believe that kindergarten was over.  It seems like only a few weeks ago I was dropping them off for their first day.  They have had a great year, made lots of friends and grew from crying every morning because they did not want to go to school, to loving going to school (most days!)


With their awesome teacher, Mrs. Kuester

Krew was there too, and he's super cute, so I had to include a picture of him too!
When we got home from school, we had an official "Welcome to Summer" rip through the streamers moment, followed by going over a 4 page list of all the fun things we want to do during summer break, followed by tears from both boys because they missed their friends already!  But we are having a great summer vacation so far, and are doing lots of fun things together!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a little festival of cheese

Only in Wisconsin do you have a whole festival for cheese (except maybe in France, but I have a feeling that a French cheese festival would be slightly different than a Wisconsin cheese festival)!  A few weeks ago, we headed to a nearby city to do some cheese tasting, pet some animals, and go on a few rides.  It was a gorgeous day and we all had a blast.  I love these quaint summer festivals!

 We all got to try about 15 different kinds of cheese, and most of them were really good.  The problem was, by the time I sat down with my plate of cheese samples, I couldn't remember what most of them were.

One of the main events was a cheese curd eating contest
 Kade and Ky raced milking this "cow."  They both did really well!
 They had an awesome petting zoo with lots of animals to pet, pick up, and take a picture with:


a tortoise,



and this adorable cow!  Can you believe how small it is?  So cute!

 We let the boys pick a few rides, and they loooooved this dragon roller coaster, as you can plainly see!

Oh, and so brave with the hands in the air, too!
Hooray for festivals, and hooray for cheese!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

krew goes to utah!

Last month, the baby and I took a quick trip to Utah to visit my family and attend a dear friend's wedding.  I was a bit nervous about leaving the other two boys home, figuring that they would be jealous that Krew and I got to go to grandma's house without them, but Bart kept them busy with a very fun guys' weekend, and they hardly missed us at all. 

One of my "must-do" activities every time I am in Utah, is a meal at Cafe Rio.  I can't tell you how excited I got as a stood in line waiting for this baby.  And it tasted as good as I imagined it would. 
Krew was laughing like crazy at some video on my dad's phone.  So cute!
Krew and uncle Jonathan
Another priority while I was there, was visiting all my grandparents, and introducing them to Krew.  I love this picture of Krew with my dad, and his dad. 
I swear I have a picture almost just like this of my dad with Kade, from 6 years ago.  Crazy!

My grandma Marian, Krew and me. 

Great Grandpa had Krew laughing...
...then Krew had Great Grandpa laughing.  Precious!
And a beautiful picture of my grandma Shirlee with Krew and me.  It was so nice being able to visit with my grandparents.  It always brings back so many memories from my childhood!

THE reason I went when I did: being at the temple to witness the marriage of my good friend from college.  Kortney has been like a sister to me, and even though the past 9 years have taken us in different directions, and different places, whenever we see each other, we end up laughing and reminiscing.  I am so glad I was able to be at her wedding. 
And look-she's gorgeous!!

Kortney and me.  As I was leaving her reception, we got to talking about "the good old days" and laughing so hard we were in tears.  I was so lucky to have her for a roommate (especially considering some of the other roommates we had-yikes!)  Love her!
Okay, and aren't these pictures with uncle Andrew the best!  My whole family just ate Krew up, and couldn't get enough.  It was so much fun to be able to share my baby with my family.    I just wish I had a picture of him with my mom and my sister-in-law Katherine.  I do not know how we missed that!  Next time for sure.