Friday, May 15, 2009

six years

Six years ago today, Bart and I went to the Mount Timpanogos temple, with butterflies in our stomachs, and came out with smiles that lasted throughout that most perfect day! I'm so lucky to have found someone so perfect for me, and so happy to have been married to him for six years already!

Thank you Bart for being such a great husband and the best friend any girl could ask for! We really are MFEO :), and I'm excited to see what the next six years together has in store! I love you!


Meg said...


Emily said...

Congrats, guys! What a perfect, beautiful couple you are! Time flies, huh? Hope we can see you guys sometime! Miss ya!

Sarah H said...

Happy anniversary! You looked beautiful on your wedding day!

I totally laughed at how your boys say guns. Yes, it is much sweeter to saw pewer!

Heidi said...

Happy Anniversary you adorable little couple!!