Friday, March 30, 2012

spring break: part 3-pool time!

I know I've mentioned it before, but my boys' ideal vacation is staying at a hotel and swimming in the hotel pool.  We had thought about blowing their minds and taking them to one of the many indoor waterpark resorts in the state, but decided that they probably aren't quite big enough for that yet, especially when we also have a 5 month old baby.  So, we found a hotel in Madison that has a small indoor waterpark (read: one slowish waterslide, and a few kiddie slides, and spraying water).  The twins were in heaven!  There was only 8 hours between check-in and check-out that we were awake, and we went swimming 3 times!  (I know, we are the best parents!)
 It was Krew's first time in a swimming pool, so I didn't know how he would like it.  The water was plenty warm, but just as I was getting in the pool with him, one of the twins (who will remain nameless) jumped in right next to us and splashed the baby in the face.  He was terrified of the pool for the rest of the day. 
 Cooper and Lynndon got to come swimming with us once too!
 The next morning, we let Krew try the pool again.  He didn't cry, but he had a death-grip on Bart the entire time.  Bart said he liked it, because Krew never snuggles like that!

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