Thursday, April 11, 2013

he's a climber!

 Krew is such a climber!  It amazes me the things he can climb up on and the places he can get to.  He has already learned that if he pushes a chair, box, etc. somewhere, he can climb up and get to what he wants.  Nothing is safe any more!
 Up here on the little table in the kitchen is one of his favorite places to play.  I tried putting away the chairs so he can't get on the table, but it didn't stop him.  He simply pulls himself up on the table and then plays at the counter.  
The other day, he was out of sight for less than 90 seconds.  I came in my room to find him up on my computer desk!  Notice that he's already pushed the mouse off (it's dangling behind the desk), and he was moments away from pushing the monitor off the back of the desk!  If he gets through toddlerhood without a broken bone or a concussion, I will be shocked!

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