Tuesday, September 24, 2013

good-bye summer!

We sent Summer off with a bang this year!  I was so not ready to send the boys back to school.  We had such a great summer, and I didn't want it to end.  Kade and Ky spent a lot of time playing outside with friends, Krew loved all the attention he got from the two of them, and I liked having them around all the time.  So, with only a week or two left to go, I asked the twins what they wanted to make sure we did before school started.  They both replied, "Well, we want to play with Krew a lot."  Doesn't that just kill you?  I was expecting them to say they wanted to spend an entire day playing video games, or they wanted me to take them somewhere expensive and obnoxious (like Chuck E. Cheese), but instead they come up with that sweet line!  So, we did play with Krew a lot, but we also did some other fun things.  
Kade and Ky started Fall baseball just before school started. While they play baseball, Krew covers himself with plays in the dirt.  
We went to the cute little amusement park just before school started.  Kade and Ky are getting too old for the kiddie rides, but they were (mostly) happy about going on them with Krew.

Krew's favorite animal right now is a moose.  He decided this deer was a moose, and he could hardly contain his excitement while in line for the ride, and we were lucky that no one else picked the "moose" to ride.  See look at that face--complete and utter joy!  Actually this is the face he always has on a ride, but I promise he loved it!
The day before school started was Labor Day.  We took advantage of having Bart off of work and we went to the zoo!  It was quite a chilly day, but I think we all had fun anyway!

I had big plans to do a fancy back-to-school dinner the night before they started school, but one of the boys asked if we could go to Qdoba, and since I'm a sucker for their nachos, and I'm also a fan of having a night off of cooking, off we went!
The boys' favorite part about Qdoba is the million and one different drink options.  Seriously, we had to help them get a new flavor, or flavor combination a dozen times each.  But who can blame them?  P.S.  My favorite drink to get from these machines is vanilla Sprite.  If you haven't already, you must try it!  Oh, and peach Sprite is good too!
We had to take individual shots to prove that we were all there, and to show our individual personalities!

Good-bye summer!  See you next year (oh, and hurry!)

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