Thursday, September 24, 2015

baby girl's first year in monthly photos

I consider these monthly pictures of Everly and the ones I took of Krew when he was a baby, to be some of my greatest accomplishments of my babies' first year!  You know, right after keeping them alive, feeding them several times a day, every day.  Cleaning up after them, playing with them, making memories with them, rocking them to sleep, changing a couple million diapers, helping them learn and get the idea.  But seriously, it's so awesome to have these matching, monthly pictures to look back at my babies and see how they grew and changed from one month to the next during their first year.  Some months the changes are subtle, and other months, it seems like they change completely.  I so wish that I had done this with my twins when they were little, but then again, I'm just happy we all survived that first year with twins.  Do you think they would let me do this now that they are nine?  Probably wouldn't be as cute, though :)

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