Monday, January 18, 2016

pictures with santa 2015

 Taking my kids to see Santa is one of my favorite parts of the month of December.  The boys all take it so seriously every year, and they light up when they get a chance to tell the jolly guy what they want for Christmas that year.
 Krew has had his wish list memorized for weeks, so he had no problem telling Santa exactly what he wanted: A BB-8 remote control, dinosaur toy, and spinning Hulk.

 Kade asked for Madden '16,  and talking BB-8 plush.
Ky wanted Ultron for Disney Infinity
And Everly wanted to not have to sit on Santa's lap.  I'm sorry, but I think little kids crying on Santa's lap is almost as adorable as perfectly smiling children sitting on his lap.  And don't worry, we made her sit with him for all of 2.5 seconds, and she's fine now.

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