Tuesday, August 16, 2016

aunt sadie comes home!

 At the beginning of June, Bart's sister Sadie returned from serving her mission in Long Beach California.  We were so excited to see her again, as you can tell by these pictures of the boys as they waited for her to get off the plane.

 It was beautiful to watch her be reunited with her parents, after not seeing them for 18 months.  It made me think about what it's going to be like when I watch my kids return from their missions.

Even though Everly was only a couple months old when Sadie left, these two became fast friends, even after that first night seeing her.  It's been fun to watch Everly's enthusiasm at the mention of Sadie's name, and we are sure going to miss her when she leaves in a few weeks to go back to college.  We are so proud of your hard work and service to the Lord, Sadie!  Thanks for being a good example to my children.

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Bret and Charise Miller said...

So glad you got pictures. Wish we could have been there!