Tuesday, November 22, 2016

everly at two

 Here are some fun things about my favorite two year old:

At her two year checkup, she weighed 22 lbs.  That puts her in the 2nd percentile for weight. She is very average for height though, so that explains why I can't find pants that fit her.  She still wears a size 2 diaper, which I'm sure Krew outgrew when he was a few months old.

She communicates with me fairly well.  I'm not sure that other people can understand half of what she says, but most of the time I can tell.  One of her favorite things to say is, "I wanna talk a you!"  Sometimes it's just because someone else is talking to me and she doesn't want to feel left out, or she'll say it when I'm busy doing something else.  It's adorable.  Something that isn't so adorable is her high-pitched shriek!  I finally understand the term "ear piercing scream" because that's exactly what I'm afraid is happening to my ears when I happen to be too close to her when she screams.  Sometimes it's in response to not getting her way, or it can be a way to get someone's attention.  It can also be used as a way to express excitement. So basically, her ridiculous shriek can be heard multiple times every day.

 She loves the color pink (hooray!!).  Although she hasn't quite mastered naming the colors, she will pick out a pink object over any other color just about every time.

She loves to play with her baby dolls, but she loves real babies even more.  She spots them at the store, at church, or outside.  Then she gets really mad if I don't take her over to give the baby a hug, which I'm sorry, I'm not going to ask strangers if my child can hug their baby.

Her favorite toy in the world though, is still Krew.  I know I've said it before, but watching those two together is pure magic.  I hope that never changes.
She loves to watch Frozen, Princess Sophia, and Minnie Mouse.  She loves to dance around the house whenever there is music playing.  She loves to be thrown in the air, twirled around, flipped over, tossed on the bed, etc., and will say "again" a million times to any adult who engages in one of these activities with her.

She still lets me rock her to sleep, which I completely adore.  She will often lay her head on my shoulder and pat my back when I pick her up, which is something my boys never did.  She is by far our most snuggly child.  I am going to cherish every one of those snuggles until the day she no longer lets me hold her.

We love you, Everly!

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