Sunday, July 27, 2008

some fun pictures

Of course we have been busy with the whole "trying to buy a new house" thing, but I thought I could post some cute pictures of things we have done lately.

Bart and his dad took the boys to a farm. They loved to see the animals, and especially loved to climb all over the tractors, or as Ky would say, "trac-aders."

Kade being eaten by a calf. Bart made me stick my hand in a calf's mouth when we were dating, so I know how Kade must have felt.
He decided he didn't like the cow trying to eat him. Another one trying to eat Kade

I love this picture of the boys watching the cows together

My hubby and me at a baseball game

And Kade too! He looks like he's mad, but he was actually super excited


The Mac's said...

Fun on a Farm!! Looks like they loved it:) I have a baptism announcment I want to send to you but I need your new address will you email it to me?...please? same one as usual thanks ash talk to you soon!

Sarah H said...

How fun they got to go to a farm. I'd be a little nervous to stick my hand in a cow though...
You all look super cute!