Friday, August 22, 2008

our olympic games

We have been enjoying the Olympics these past few weeks. I've stayed up way too late several nights watching. Kade and Ky have enjoyed watching some during the day, although they only get to see events like fencing, water polo, trampoline, and some of the other events that don't make it into the primetime coverage. They have made up their own Olympic events around the house, like "diving" off the couch into the blankets of water, and RunUSA, which is running from one end of the basement to the other,and jumping onto Bart's temporary bed--a mattress on the floor.
So today, their aunt Sadie and I held the Miller Olympics and had 10 events for them to compete in. They really got into it and we all had a great time.

This is the opening ceremonies
Here is a photo finish in the sprint event
Kade's very successful long jump
Ky showing off his soccer skills
Kade cheating a little bit in the basketball event. (If you are confused about who is who by which piece of the warm-ups they are wearing, they insisted on switching half-way through. This is what happens when we only have one of something.)
Ky's balance beam routine (By now the warm-ups have come off)

Kade having a great time in the cycling event, even though he was way behind

This is the event they made up this week, called RunUSA. I gave him a perfect 10 for this jump.

Go USA! They both won gold medals, and did not want to take them off for lunch.


Emily said...

Cutest idea ever! I can't get over how cute they are. I love all the events. So creative!

Heidi said...

That is too cute!!! What a fun idea...I just wish I could have watched you glowing as you watched them have fun!

Natalie said...

How cute! You are such a cute mom!

Whitney said...

I love it! My kids LOVED the olympics this year (see my blog for details) so for their birthday party on Friday we are having an Olympic theme. They can't wait. (Remember you guys were at Braden's SECOND birthday party?? How crazy is it that he's turing 6?? He starts kindergarten tomorrow! Ah!) BTW, you guys are totally invited to the party if you want to fly over.


Sarah H said...

What a great idea! you sure have cute kids ! hope to see them next month.

Stacy Summers said...
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Stacy Summers said...

You're such a good mama! Let us know when your House Warming is. Or I just may have to hop a ride with Denni the next time she goes up.