Friday, February 27, 2009

new favorite

We recently discovered this little gem on Netflix watch instantly: Pocoyo! It's a cute show with simple graphics on a white background (which I think looks awesome), a few fun characters, and cute story lines. I love that each episode is only 7 minutes long, so I can put one on for the boys while I get dressed or do my hair, and 7 minutes later we can move on to something else. I think it's a little young for my boys, but they are hooked for now and can watch the same episode over and over. The best part is that Pocoyo and the narrator have lovely British accents, and so my Ky has been walking around saying words like "scootah, cah, togethah, treashah, and wot." (That's scooter, car, together, treasure and what with a British accent.) So much fun!
If you have Netflix with "watch instantly" (which we highly recommend), you are all set. Otherwise, the Pocoyo website says that it is available in some areas on PBS Kids-not ours. If you can, check it out!

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