Monday, February 9, 2009

what have we been doing?

I've been having a really hard time thinking of things to post about lately. Usually I post about the things that we have been doing, but this past month has been so cold that we haven't done much of anything. I had to think really hard about what have we been doing the past month?

We have been playing games, a lot. I've been looking forward for a long time until the boys were old enough to really play games, and it's so fun now that they can. These pictures are of the boys playing games at our friends' house. The games that they like to play at home are Candyland, Crazy Eights, the matching game (a.k.a Memory), and the Butterfly Game (which I made, after the boys played a similar game at a New Years Eve party). Luckily, they aren't too competitive (yet) and don't care at all who wins. In fact, sometimes they get mad when they win because that means the game is over.

One Friday night Bart went to a basketball game, so the boys and I went on a date to Fazoli's. It was the perfect place to eat, because Ky asks for noodles for lunch all the time, and since Kade won't eat any noodles, I rarely make them for Ky. So, at Fazoli's, Ky could have noodles, and Kade had pizza. Of course, they liked the Strawberry Italian Ice the best.

Also, when it's really cold outside, what's better than staying in, baking some yummy treats and licking the beaters?

Today we got out the playdough. The boys are at a great stage right now where they can really be creative with the playdough by themselves, and play with it for quite a while. Today, I gave in and finally let them mix the colors. Usually I am so paranoid about them mixing the colors that no one has any fun. I'm not sure where this compulsion comes from but I've never (as far as I can remember) liked the colors to mix. But today, I gave in...and it all looked really cool! The boys got so excited when they put in a few different colors into the press, and they came out all swirled on the other end. Yes, the playdough will eventually all be gray and brown, but for today, I think it was good to give in to their creativity. I wonder what other things I should stop worrying about and just let them have some fun?


Whitney said...

Ha ha, I am the same way about mixing the colors. And we're still working on the "not eating the playdoh" part. But it's so fun--a perfect winter activity! You are such a fun mommy :)

Sarah H said...

Those playdough toys are awesome!
Winter pretty much stinks, huh? It's been a nice warm up these past few days though.
mommy son dates are so fun!
Your boys are adorable, you're lucky to have them.

By the way, thank you so much for sending the sweater!

Scott, Rachel, & Mason Murray said...

Mason has become obsessed with "pee-doh", as he calls it. Unfortunately he is not old enough to be very creative so we spend an hour making big and small balls, snakes, and pancakes and then smashing them. I can't wait until he can be creative like your boys.