Wednesday, March 18, 2009

weekend fun!

This past weekend, we went to visit with Bart's aunt, uncle and cousins who were vacationing a few hours away from us. They had not met Kade and Ky yet, so we were excited for the chance to get together with them. They were staying at a lodge with an indoor water park (I know, I'd never heard of such a thing until we moved here.), and they were kind enough to give the boys some of their passes so the boys could swim. They did not like the parts that sprayed water at them, but they loved the purple slide and splashing in the kiddie pool.

The boys with Bart's uncle Von

After they played in the water, we ate dinner, visited, and had a great time. There was this beaver in the hotel lobby passing out cookies, so we went to see him. Kade and Ky loved him, and even got him to dance and jump up and down. They were pretty excited that Chip was copying them!
Thanks Von and Chris, it was so good to see you!


Emily said...

I think I've heard of that place. This whole winter I was dreaming of inside water parks where I could pretend it was warm. I can't believe how old the boys are getting! They're little men!

Suzanne said...

Was this the Great Wolf Lodge at the Dells? If so, I've stayed there! I loved it and seeing your pictures make me want to go there! Looks like a ton of fun!