Sunday, March 29, 2009

bowling party

Bart's brother Bret's birthday was this past Monday, so we helped him celebrate by going bowling. The boys love to go bowling, especially the part where they get to look on the screen and see whose turn it is and how many pins they knocked down that turn. Bret's wife Charise beat us all, and let's just say that I bowled on the lane with Kade and Ky, with bumpers, and only did slightly better than the three-year olds. A far cry from the time before I had kids and I went bowling with Bart at his company party, and beat everyone there with my 5 strikes in a row! Still, bowling poorly with my children is more fun than bowling well without them.

Ky demonstrating proper bowling ramp technique

My sweet Ky

My sweet Kade
Ready to bowl!
Check out that form! That's my man!


Bart said...

Always have to bring up the 5 strikes in a row fluke don't you!!!

Heidi said...

Those little boys are big!!