Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy easter and playin' outside!

First of all, Happy Easter! We've been having such a fun few days getting ready for this holiday. It started on Friday when the boys and I made these birds' nest cookies to take to Bart's office and deliver to some neighbors and friends. They were delicious!

Then, this morning the boys and I colored Easter eggs! They liked it for a few minutes, and got bored watching me try new techniques. I could have colored a couple dozen more eggs if we'd had them.

Ky's egg he colored with the "magic" crayon first. Notice the blue fingers.

Kade's "magic" crayon egg.

My favorite egg that I colored.

The final product. What a colorful display!

In the afternoon, my friend Lisa invited us over to have an Easter egg hunt. The boys had so much fun putting eggs in their baskets. The cutest part was that they would point to one when they found it and ask me or one of the teenagers that were helping out if they could have it. They didn't quite get the concept that it was a free-for-all. Always so polite!

Finally, yes, you read that correctly, we've been playing outside! The past few days we have gone outside every day to play, something that I had almost given up hope on ever being able to do again. But, it warmed up a little and we've been taking advantage of it. This morning, we all went outside and flew some kites. It was a blast. It has been so long since I've flown a kite and the boys just loved it. They would start squealing as soon as the kite was 3 feet of the ground. I think they were a little confused though, because once the kites were high in the sky, they kept yelling for Bart and I to let go of them. We had to explain that if we let go, the kite would get lost. They were too excited to watch them to want to hold the string for long. I think we will have to get our kites out again soon!

Kade flying his kite

Ky flying his

To infinity and beyond!
The other thing the boys have been doing outside is throwing balls and trying to knock over a target. They could do this for hours!
Nice shot Ky! Look at that pringles can fly!

Yes, they are knocking over garbage. But hey, it's more entertaining and much cheaper than actual toys, so I'm not going to complain!


Jodee Luke said...

you are always doing such cute things with the boys. and yes aren't you just loving the warmer weather???

Meg said...

Happy Easter! Nice dof on the first shot!