Saturday, November 28, 2009

florida trip: day two

Day two of our trip we went to church with our old ward in Tampa. It was fun to see some old friends, although a lot of our friends from Tampa have moved away since we lived there. After church we went by our old apartment. It was kind of strange being there again. In a way it seemed like it was barely familiar, and at the same time, it kind of felt like we had never left.
We took a drive downtown and played at a park right on the bay. Then we ended the day swimming in the hotel pool and snuggling with daddy in bed

Bart in front of our Tampa apartment

Kade playing at the park

Kade in the pool. We could hardly make it through this day because we told the boys we were going to go swimming later, and they were so excited they asked hundreds of times if it was time to go back to the hotel and go swimming. You'd think we'd gone to Florida just to go swimming.

Snuggling with daddy at the end of another fun day!

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