Friday, February 12, 2010


My boys are not mischievous. I usually don't have to worry too much about them getting into trouble while I am in the shower or busy cooking dinner. Sure they know how to make a mess, but usually it is just their own toys that they scatter about.

However, on Wednesday I had to shovel the driveway before we could go out for the day. I was only out there for about twenty minutes, and when I came in, this is what I saw:

There were strawberry leaves everywhere because they had gotten into the fridge (which they never do on their own, except to get a drink), opened the fruit drawer, pulled out the unopened box of strawberries (that I was saving for Valentine's dinner), cut the tops off with their children's scissors, and ate all but 2 of a $5 box of strawberries. At least they were eating healthy, right?


Jessica said...

BG just learned to open the fridge on her own. I'm a little nervous about it - but she is usually after yogurt. So like you, I figure it's not the worst snack to be getting into. Sorry for the mess!

Hailey Jones said...

oh my gosh. what a funny story. i love these two cutest twins ever.

i love the flower shower too. waaay great idea.