Friday, March 19, 2010

tourney time

I had mixed emotions today, watching my two alma maters battle it out on the basketball court. I was surprised that Florida even made it to the NCAA's, so in the end I felt is was appropriate that the Cougars won, ending a long skid of first round losses. Besides, I figure double overtime is just about as close as you can get to both teams winning.
I was extremely impressed with the play of Jimmer Fredette and his ability to drive to the basket and create his own shot. I have grown tired of college players settling for jump-shots and enjoyed his style of play.

Another Cougar also caught my eye. Michael Loyd Jr. Actually it was Michael's goatee that really impressed me and I was again reminded of an important fact: HONOR CODES DON'T APPLY TO ATHLETES.

Listen, it's not that I'm offended or think it's wrong that someone play basketball with facial hair ... it's just that supposedly BYU does! Trust me, of all people I would know. I was informed of this fact many times by the kind people at the BYU testing center. Even one of my teammates would bring a razor to our intramural softball games, just in case Bart's 5 o'clock shadow ... was actually from yesterday. If I could only shoot the three ... maybe it wouldn't have mattered.

Anyway, I will continue to cheer for the Cougars and hope they play well against K-State. Besides, if all else fails ... we can just give them an 'ole whisker rub!

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Clayton said...


I'm happy to see you still pay attention to the mid-major schools ever since you moved on to National Championships and SEC titles.

Now let's get serious, you don't think these guys actually go to class do you? I'm pretty sure the mohawk on Lloyd Jr, Morgan, and Davies wouldn't make it past the Testing Center proctors (Nazi SS) even if BYU was in the Final Four.