Tuesday, March 9, 2010

nothing too exciting

I haven't been able to think of anything to blog about lately. Maybe it's because the winter has been dragging on and we haven't done anything too exciting lately. Or maybe it's because I haven't been very good about taking pictures when we do something fun. Or maybe it's because Bart has been taking our new pocket camcorder everywhere and taking pictures with that, and I haven't tried downloading them to our computer. So, I thought I would just post a few random pictures and a few random thoughts in case you've been wondering what's been going on.
The boys are into everything superhero lately. Every day I have to guess which superhero they are and they expect to be called that all day, except when they are tired or sad, and then they are just Kade and Ky. This picture is Kade striking his Spider-man pose.
Last week we met some friends at the train museum. I think the thrill of the trains is diminishing each time we go, so the boys decided that running around, and pretending that the little stage was the American Idol stage were super fun.

Bart's brother, Bret, and his family came to stay with us this weekend. We had fun going to the wildlife sanctuary, shopping, playing games, and playing video games together.

Kade and Ky like playing with their only cousin, Cooper, and really like him most of the time. Unless I am holding him, and then they despise him. Also, they don't like when Cooper "hits" them or sits on them. Then they cry...I thought they were tougher than that.

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