Friday, June 4, 2010

just a few things

Here are a bunch of random things we've been doing the past few weeks. If you care.
On May 15th, Bart and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I can't even believe we've been together that long. It has seriously flown by, but it has been an amazing 7 years!!
We celebrated by going out to eat. Funny this picture makes it look like I was the only one who got a meal. I assure you that I wasn't.
That weekend we also took the boys to a baseball game. Okay, honestly we only took them to the very end of a baseball game, after they stop taking tickets so it's free. Maybe we are cheap, but their attention span isn't very long anyway. You'll be happy to know that we are paying to see an entire baseball game with them tomorrow. Anyway, they had these fun cars that the boys wanted to have their pictures taken with.

After the game, Kade asked the bat boy if he could have a ball, and he gave him one. Kade was so proud to have a real baseball.
Isn't Ky the coolest? I know.

We ended the day by going to dinner at Red Robin, which is seriously our default restaurant. Whenever we can't decide where to go to eat, somehow we always end up there. And we always order the same thing.
The weather here has been so weird. All of April was so cold. The beginning of May too. Then, last week it was almost 90 degrees every day. That's hot for here, (everyone else here complained about the heat, but not us. We loved it!) especially considering all of last summer it only got above 80 two or three times. So, we took advantage of the warm weather and bought the boys a blow-up pool with a slide. They love it. It took them a while to decide that they would like sliding down the slide through the spraying water, but once they did it, they had a great time.

For Memorial Day, we went to a parade in the morning (I love parades), and then had a BBQ in the evening. Bart's mom brought these huge marshmallows for s'mores, and they were a huge hit. Here she is helping Ky toast his over our fancy fire pit, a.k.a. our charcoal grill.

Kade says they are delish!

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