Wednesday, May 26, 2010

daughtry and cavo!!!

Last Friday my friend Greta and I went to the Daughtry concert. We had so much fun!! I love Chris Daughtry and it was fun to go with someone else who likes his music too. Also, as a fun surprise, I found out a few days before that I won backstage passes to hang out with the opening band, Cavo. I only knew one of their songs, but I did a little research before we went so I could feel like I knew who they were a bit more. That night, we went in this tiny room with less than 30 other people and had a little acoustic concert and talked with the band.
This is Casey, the lead singer and Chad the drummer. They seemed to always have the most to say.
Watching them play the only song I knew from the radio was so cool. It made me wish I had even a hint of musical talent.
This is the bass player Bryan

The guitarist Chris--he basically said nothing the whole time

Please ignore the fact that my eyes are closed. I'm going to have to see if the picture from Greta's camera turned out better. But, I had to post a picture of us with the band. Aren't we cool?

Here they are performing later that night. They played much louder on stage than they did backstage.
So, cool story. After they performed, Lifehouse did. When Lifehouse was almost done, I decided that I had better use the ladies room. I knew if I waited, the line would be long and I might miss some of Daughtry, which I wasn't going to do. So, I ran out into the hall toward the restroom. I heard a man say, "Are you doing the potty dance?" I turned and said, "No." Then I realized that it was 3 of the 4 members of Cavo and that Casey had asked. I told him that I just needed to beat all the other women to the restroom. Then I told him that since we were friends now, I guess that meant that I got to chat with them in the hall. They asked how I liked the show, and I told them it was great. Then I gave them high-fives, and went into the bathroom. The girl behind me said, "That wasn't Cavo was it?" I told her it was and she asked why I got to talk to them in the hall and give them high-fives. So I told her that we were friends, and that we had backstage passes earlier. I felt so cool.

Then came THE BEST part of the night. I got to watch Chris Daughtry perform live!!
I wish I had better pictures, but this is the best I have.
It went by so fast, but we had a blast. I would totally go see them in concert again sometime.
Until then, I guess I just have to keep listening to their CDs and watch the blurry video clips I have from the concert.

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Greta K. said...

Such a great time!! I want to do it again!!!...loved every moment. That was such a fun night! :)