Sunday, November 7, 2010


I know this is a week late, but I think that's pretty good considering how busy October and November have been.

We had a fun Halloween this year! A few days before, I made this fun lunch for Kade & Ky. We had mummy dogs, monster faces, and tator tots dipped in blood. However, they each only ate one bite of their mummy dog. Sometimes I wonder why I go to the trouble to make things like this fun, when they would have been happier with a pb&j. Oh well.
On Saturday evening, we went to the ward trunk-or-treat. It was extra fun because Bret, Charise, and Cooper were with us. I think the boys had a great time and they got lots of candy, even if it was too crowded and chaotic for me. I didn't get to talk to a single person at the party, except for Greta, but that's only because our cars were parked next to each other.
War Machine and Iron Man in the costume parade.

Cooper as Buzz Lightyear-too cute!

War Machine and Iron Man had their costumes picked out months in advance. I couldn't believe that I was letting my kids wear store-bought, jumpsuit costumes for Halloween. But, to add that special, homemade something extra, we made repulsors for their hands with gloves and little lights. They looked super cool in the dark!

If you remember the fake War Machine costume that Ky used to wear all the time, then you'll notice that this actual War Machine costume is a huge improvement. I'm not embarrassed to let him wear this one out of the house.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween like we did. Oh and P.S. don't tell my boys that they missed Trick-or-Treating because Halloween was on Sunday, because I don't think they even knew they missed it. They had so much fun at the trunk-or-treat, and we were too busy at Bart's surprise party on Halloween night for them to notice they were missing out on something.

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Annalisa said...

The mummy dogs are my favorite. You are so creative! Love their costumes also!