Wednesday, December 1, 2010

we're back!

We got back last weekend from a two week vacation to Utah. We were there for my brother Jonathan's wedding and Thanksgiving. We had a fun, very busy time between prepping for the wedding, throwing a bridal shower and attending a second one, to entertaining Kade and Ky, to planning and throwing Thanksgiving. We didn't get to visit with many friends, but we made sure we ate at Cafe Rio and Carrabba's.
I'll post more about the wedding when I have a chance to go through the pictures, but I did want to share this picture of the funnest thing I've ever seen at an airport.
When were were in Minneapolis for a long layover, the boys and I found this cool wall. There were three of these umbrellas, each made up of lots of little umbrellas. When you moved in front of them, they scattered like fallen leaves blowing in the wind, then they would move back to the original spot. We played with this wall for nearly 30 minutes, and the boys kept asking me if we could make one of those walls at our house. They were so disappointed when we flew home that our layover was not in Minneapolis.

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