Wednesday, June 15, 2011

i'm officially a soccer mom

I'm officially a soccer mom! And here's why: I now have a mini-van, I'm expecting baby #3, and my two oldest are in soccer! It's been so fun watching Kade and Ky in their first team sport. 5 year-olds playing soccer is more entertaining than watching professional soccer (unless maybe if David Beckham is playing, but that's besides the point). The kids all go from really into the game one minute, to totally distracted the next. The teams are co-ed, which usually means there is some crying every game when someone gets knocked down (sometimes it's not even the girls crying). The coach rarely puts Kade and Ky in the game at the same time, but on Monday, while they were both playing offense at the same time, Ky kicked it really well, and set up Kade for his first goal!! They were so excited and celebrated with a hip bump!


I know it might sound cheesy, but I can't believe that right now in my life I have everything I dreamed of having when I was a little girl. In my life, I am right where I've always wanted to be, and I hope I can treasure this time.

Plus, I get to watch every game with this attractive man (who also happens to be the father of my unborn child :) ), so life is pretty sweet!!

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kendra joy said...

The boys are so adorable! I can't believe they're 5! Can't wait to see if the new boy looks like them. So excited for you!