Wednesday, June 8, 2011

lambeau kids run

The middle of May, there was a fun kids run that occurred in conjunction with a marathon and 5k that were being held in town. The boys still remember the "big race" they ran in Tampa and they were so excited to run in this one. Plus, they were excited to be able to run in Lambeau. Unfortunately, that morning was drizzly, and so cold. We were pretty miserable and it was so disappointing because it was really well put together.
Here we are before the race, notice how red our faces are, because they were frozen!

When it was almost time for the 5 year-olds to run, Bart went inside the stadium to video the boys and I went to wait in line with them. Just moments before it was their turn, I learned that they "highly recommend" a grown up to run with the kids at this age since otherwise they can't be seen as they run through the various tunnels, and kids this age have been known to stop, or cry, etc. So, I ended up running with them. I am not a runner to begin with, plus running while pregnant, with morning sickness, carrying my purse, 3 extra jackets and a sign we made to hold up at the finish line was a little less than fun. But, the boys had a great time, ran the whole way, and now I can say I ran through the players' tunnel, and around the field at Lambeau!

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