Wednesday, May 16, 2012

all i want for christmas...

Ky lost both his top front teeth last week!  He now has such a cute, funny smile.  He sure wasn't smiling when they came out though!  He was outside playing catch with Kade and some friends, when Kade threw the t-ball quite hard, and Ky "caught" it with his face.   The ball gave him a fat lip and knocked his two front teeth out.  He came inside, crying and bleeding saying that he lost a tooth.  But, while I was cleaning him up, he realized that he was missing two teeth!  I think that realization scared him more than when he thought it was just one, but I did my best to help him see how cool it was, and to remember that he could put both teeth under his pillow (only we never did find the second tooth, out in the grass somewhere).  The tooth fairy came that night and gave him two dollars!

We'd better get used to this silly smile, since the teeth came out before they were ready, it might be a while until the other teeth grow in, which is fine with me because I think he's adorable!

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