Wednesday, February 20, 2013

california trip: day 4

Wednesday morning it was back to Disneyland!  This time we started the day just the five of us for a bit.
I originally took these 3 pictures as a sort of "if my child is lost, I have a photo of what they look like and what they are wearing" pictures, but they are too cute not to share.  Notice that the twins are both wearing their Star Wars shirts.  They had been waiting months to go to Disneyland, and the one thing they were most excited about was fighting Darth Vader.  There is a little Jedi Training Academy where they pick a few kids from the crowd, give them a Jedi robe and light saber, teach them a few moves and then they get to practice their moves on either Darth Vader or Darth Maul.  I have been telling them for months that there is a really good chance that they would not get picked to be on the stage.  And sure enough, neither of them were (which is probably better than only one of them being picked.)  Ky seemed only mildly disappointed, but Kade was crushed.  My heart broke a little for him to because I know how excited he was for months about the chance to fight Darth Vader.  Granted, we could have waited for another show and tried again, but I knew that chances of being picked the next time were just as slim, and I don't know how well he would have handled being disappointed twice.  Plus, by the time we were done watching, they had mostly decided that they already knew more moves than what they were teaching, and since you only got to use the "baby" moves on Darth Vader, it wouldn't be that cool.  Still, it was quite a hard lesson for them to learn about things not always going your way.
One of the first things we did that morning was meet Mickey Mouse.  I had hoped that Krew would either a)  have warmed up to the characters after meeting a few already or b) just be so excited to see his favorite character that he would forget to be scared again.  Neither of these things happened.  As soon as I set him down for his turn to run to Mickey and give him a big hug, he tensed up, froze, and started whimpering.
He's not sure if he should be excited or scared...  (and please ignore the lumpiness of my pockets.  Wow, that's so not attractive, but I have to keep my phone,  park map, and I don't even know what else I'm carrying in there, etc. with me somehow--sheesh.  Next time I go to Disneyland, remind me to wear cargo pants instead of skinny jeans, or at least wear a fanny pack :))
And now he is clinging to me like his life depends on it...
Kade and Ky get their turn with the famous mouse...
And by the time we are ready for a family shot, he won't stop looking at Mickey, but you'd better believe that he did everything in his power to make sure that his elbow didn't touch him!

All three of the boys tried to pull the sword from the stone...with little success.

Grandma and Krew!   Krew was even making all the right sounds as he pulled with all his might!

The day went by way too quickly!  By the evening, we had made it back to Cars Land and were excited to see DJ throwing a little street dance party.  It was pretty fun!
Another great day!

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