Wednesday, August 14, 2013


The twins did three weeks of summer school this year.  While some kids have to take "summer school" because they struggled during the school year, most kids here get to take fun (free!) classes during the summer.  We signed the boys up for a writing class and martial arts.  When the writing class was canceled a few weeks before it was supposed to start, they were instead enrolled in Fun With Fairy Tales.  It was also supposed to be a writing class.  It was not.  It was kinda a waste of time, but the boys didn't complain (except for when they learned that they were going to have to watch Tangled at the end of the class.  Heaven forbid they watch a movie with a princess in it.  Sheesh!)
Overall they were really happy that they chose to do summer school, and they really liked their martial arts class.  On the last day, all the parents were invited to come and see what they had learned.
 I was most impressed with how they stretched!  Not because of any flexibility talent, but because as they did their warm-ups, they counted to four in lots of different languages!  They can now count to four in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, American Samoan, Hmong, French, and Russian!  It was really cool to watch and listen.
 After they warmed up, they demonstrated all the punches, kicks, blocks, and combinations they had learned.
 Then, one by one, their instructor presented them each with their white belt, trophy, and certificate.

 Way to go boys!  I'm so proud of you!
 You should definitely not try to pick a fight with these two any time soon!  

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