Thursday, October 3, 2013

we went to new mexico: day two

Saturday morning, Bart had to finish his conference, but the rest of us had a blast!  We started our day with a yummy, free, hotel breakfast, while Krew, Cooper, and Lynndon went crazy, playing together and entertaining the other hotel guests with their silliness!  It was fun to watch Krew interact with these two.  It took him about 4 minutes to warm up to them, and then he played with them like they were best friends, even though the last time he saw them he was much to young to remember them.

As soon as they came to our hotel room, Krew asked if he could hold the baby.  I wasn't sure how he would handle it, since he's never held a baby before, and he's sorta still one himself.  But he loved every second of it!  Just look at these two cousins!  

He held McCoy for quite a while, and kept kissing the top of his head, and saying in a really high pitched voice, "I got you, baby!"  It was adorable.
Our first outing of the day was to this fun little aquarium.  Krew loved looking at all the fish, and of course following his cousins around.  Bart was able to join us once his conference was over, so he got to see a lot of the aquarium too.

And this is how you put 8 people (including 4 car seats) in one vehicle!

After a quick stop at McDonald's for lunch, we headed back to the aquarium to catch the train to the zoo!

We only had about an hour at the zoo, so we had to rush through it a bit, but we got to see some neat animals, and of course the kids loved it.

Being at the aquarium and the zoo all day without a nap makes little ones (and big ones) tired!
For dinner we decided we needed to eat at Tucanos.  The last time Bart and I ate at a Tucanos was in Provo, on February 8, 2003.  It was the night he proposed to me.  So, it was fun to go there and have some of those memories brought back.  After a very long wait for a table, we got to stuff ourselves on the most delicious food!  I definitely kept eating long after I was full, but it was just too dang yummy!

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