Tuesday, March 25, 2014

arrrgh matey!

A few weeks ago, the cub scouts had a pirate themed blue and gold banquet.  All the scouts dressed like pirates and put on a very cute skit.

 There's nothing so entertaining as a bunch of 8-10 year old boys pretending to be pirates, trying to remember what they are supposed to say and where they are supposed to go, and putting on a skit.  I loved it!

 At one point, the bad pirates "shot" at the audience.  I turned to look at Krew and saw this face:
 This is the face he makes when he get "shot" or otherwise "fatally wounded."  It's usually preceded by the phrase, "I'm dead."  You can tell he has two older brothers. Apparently this was an interactive theater event.

 Krew makes a pretty cute pirate too!

 And on a totally unrelated note, doesn't this picture of him playing Daddy's iPod, with his feet behind him in the air make him look so grown up?  When did that happen?!

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