Thursday, March 13, 2014

the day it finally got above freezing

To say that this winter has been brutal would be a huge understatement.  We have been shattering records left and right for minimum temperatures, and lowest high temperatures, and most days below freezing, and coldest January ever, etc., etc., etc.  In order for the boys to have outdoor recess at school, the windchill has to be above zero.  (Which is still sooo cold to be outside for 20 minutes!).  I believe that in January, they had exactly two days of outdoor recess!  And February, I believe they had three.  That means that all the other days, at 11:30, the windchill was in the negative!  It also means that we have all been stuck inside for months.  So, after months of it not getting above freezing, the 19th of February, it finally did.  I think it got to 38 degrees, which probably meant the wind chill was around 28, so of course we headed outside to enjoy the heat wave!
 The first thing Krew did was find his sidewalk chalk, pull off his mittens and start coloring.  It didn't last long because it's too cold to be without mittens, but he did enjoy those couple of minutes!
 I had the boys stand on our mountain of snow so you could get an idea of how much snow we have.  We haven't really had any major snow storms that dump a ton of snow, just lots of storms that drop a few inches here and there. But since none of the snow that has fallen since December has melted, it's all piled up in our front yard.
 Snow ball fight!

 It was sad to watch Krew try to play in the snow.  He was so excited to, but even in the middle of the yard, it's at least a foot or more deep, much too deep for him to even walk around in.  So, other than standing on this hill for a few minutes, he had to stick with playing with the hard, icy stuff along the edge of the driveway.
 But, since our snow piles are so high, I decided to try making a sledding hill on it.  I don't know if it's awesome or super sad that in our very flat front yard we can go sledding.

 But Krew sure liked it, so that's good!
Now that we've had some fun in the snow, can it please warm up?  I'm going crazy here!

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