Friday, April 4, 2014

spring break 2014 edition

I was nervous about this spring break.  I was just starting to feel decent, some of the time.  Plus, I knew it was going to be too cold outside to plan on doing anything out doors during the week.  Also, at the end of the week, Bart had to go out of town for work for four days.  The idea of entertaining and caring for all three kids all day given those circumstances was a bit daunting.  But, we were able to get out and do some fun things, the boys helped me get some things done, and they were very understanding of my need to rest occasionally.  It turns out we had a great week!

One day we headed to a nearby children's museum that we haven't been to for several years.  All three boys had so much fun!
The first thing we did was play mini golf, and honestly I think Krew would have been happy if that was the only thing we did there that day.  He loved it, and didn't want to be peeled away to do something else (until he saw all the other fun things to do.)  I was however, a bit disappointed to see him golfing right handed.  Not because there's anything wrong with being righty, but simply because we already have two sets of little kids left handed golf clubs, and when the twins outgrow those, we'll probably buy two more sets of left handed golf clubs.  When they outgrow those, two more sets of left handed clubs, etc.  Then, when Krew is ready for real clubs, we'll have to buy a set of right handed clubs.  So, three different sets of golf clubs in each size?!  Golf clubs should be something we can pass down right?  Oh well, thank goodness for craigslist!  Or I should force Krew to learn to play left-handed...

This ball area is the best!  The kids all run around putting balls in the different points, watch them get sucked up the tubes, roll down, get spun around, etc. and ultimately end up in a contraption in the ceiling.  Then they wait underneath for the contraption to open up and dump all the balls on their heads.  My kids (and I) love this room!

Kade put this hat and vest on and said, "Look Mom, I'm Emmett!" -as in the main character in the Lego Movie!
Kade and Ky loved the art area.  They had fun painting on these thick pieces of cardboard, and yes they both got paint all over their clothes.

Okay, so you know how people talk about how kids have short attention spans?  I'm not sure why they say that, because Krew kept putting this rubber ducky in this water area, watching it go around and come out the other side, over and over and over.  We had to drag him out of there after the fiftysomethingth time he watched the ducky go around.
Another day during spring break, we met up with some friends at the bowling alley and had a blast.  This was Krew's first time bowling, and this smile shows how excited he was!
I love his expression in the above picture.  Pure delight!
Thanks to this ramp and the bumpers, Krew tied with Ky for second place out of the five kids!

Kade's mad skills earned him first place, breaking 100, which is usually my goal (yeah, I'm an awesome bowler!)
Love Ky's concentration!

One day, the twins had a birthday party to go to, and when I dropped them off, Krew spotted this little play area, and had to climb around on it, despite the fact that it was maybe 20 degrees out, and the play area was surrounded by several inches of snow.  This kid hasn't been to a playground in nearly six months, so he was going to play no matter what.

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Becky and Jeff said...

The twins are getting so big!! I hardly recognize them in the picture. Krew is adorable as always!! I hope the test went well for Bart :)