Saturday, April 5, 2014

wishing daddy good luck

 A few weeks ago, Bart had to take his re-certification test so that he would still be allowed to practice medicine.  After a brutal three day review course, and as he prepared to take the test the next morning, we decided to send him some good luck pictures to let him know we were cheering for him.
 The twins thought of all the sayings for these signs, which is why they are a bit random...

 Then, we decided to take the silliest pictures we could, to make daddy smile, and hopefully ease his stress.  We definitely got silly!

 Then the couch ate the three boys...

 We totally nailed the jumping photo
 We like to wear shoes on our hands, and hats on our feet.  And make weird faces.
Wow look!  It's a six armed monster!
 Then the twins and I decided to play with one of their portraits in photoshop.  Yes, we've got mad photo editing skills!
We sent all these photos to Bart in an email, and he said they made him smile and they probably helped him pass his test, I'm sure!

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